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Commercial Mortgage Lending Growing

Commercial mortgage lending is on the rise in 2012; fitting into the forecast by many of slow, positive growth in 2012.
More than $11 billion in commercial mortgages in 2011 originated by MetLife represents a new high in commercial property for the company.
Banks increased lending to commercial real estate by $5 billion in the fourth quarter for the first time in two years.
Because of strict federal oversight, tenants can rest assured that in most cases it's a strong landlord that is obtaining the mortgage; in turn reducing the risk of complications due to a change of ownership mid-term.

Tenant Representative Partnership Critical for Start-up Companies

Business real estate is essential to establishing brand credibility and building a market presence. This is why start-up companies should engage the services of an exclusive tenant representative even when they're still working out of their homes or the local coffee shop.

If the era taught us anything, it was a painful lesson about expanding too soon. However, growing is a different matter altogether. There comes a time in a lifespan of even the most creative young company when the need for physical space will overtake the benefits of "remaining nimble." When initiated early and aligned with results-oriented growth (not just venture capital), a company's real estate becomes a highly beneficial business asset, helping to attract the best employees, fortify brands and empower capitalism.

From as early as inception, an experienced representative can offer the following:

Location and Amenity needs
Overlapping growth plans
Product information
Employee projections

Critical Real Estate Issues
Proximity to talent pools
Mass transit opportunities
Space planning
Competitor analysis
Consideration of available state or local tax incentives for new companies


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