February 23, 2005

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Wild Hybrids vs. Mild Hybrids?

Drivers of gasoline-engine automobiles often compare how their vehicles perform in city traffic vs. on the highway. Those considering hybrid models may not realize it, but there are also mileage variations in the cars that continue to be the rage among the environmentally conscious. What's the difference?
Common Dreams News Center Desperate for Copy; Publishes Rofsky

Better World Club President Mitch Rofsky thinks that politics needs to be based on the real facts, not media distortions. If you are interested, you can find his latest thoughts about the coverage of the exit polls here. Or feel free to ignore Mitch's opinions--just like the staff.
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10% Discount on Fantastic Tours and Spa Destinations. Plus, a Special Mother's Day Promotion if You Book Now.

Through a special partnership with Gutsy Women Travel, we've arranged a 10% discount for Club members on select tours. In addition, get free airport transfers for New England or NY tours or a free Tuscan Cooking class for our Montecatini tour. Sorry...ladies only. Click for tours and travel specials

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Top Story
Better World Club Rewards Prudent Car Ownership while Surcharging Irresponsibility: Offers FREE Membership to Hybrid Car Owners while Surcharging Gas Guzzlers

Better World Club announced this week a Buy-One-Get-One-Year FREE Membership Special for the owners of hybrid cars. The same discount will be available for other alternative fuel vehicles, such as electric or hydrogen fuel cars. The announcement is timed as many of the original hybrid car owners are seeing the end of roadside assistance coverage provided with the purchase of their cars. Unfortunately, the discount is not available to current members at this time. Read the Full Story

New American Dream's Prius Contest

After three months, nearly 35,000 slogan submissions, thousands of letters to car manufacturers, and a growing stream of positive news from consumers and the world's automakers, voting has ended! Congratulations to the top 3 winners of the Community Choice Awards! The individuals who submitted these 3 slogans will each receive a one year Better World Club membership:

1. Green cars today. Blue skies tomorrow.
2. Drives great, less filling.
3. Build Cars as if Your Planet Depended On It.

View the Winners and Top 100 Finalists

Improve Your Carma
Many of you have started receiving our new "Improve Your Carma" bumper sticker. But, it won't be our bumper sticker forever. (You expect us to be on the cutting edge of what's happening now. It's a burden.)

So, here's the best of the bumper stickers that you have suggested. Vote for a winner! (All decisions subject to the veto of those few staff members with good taste.).

Vote for your favorite bumpersticker slogan.
My other car is a bicycle.
This car is a GREEN machine.
My car is an honor student at Better World Club.
It's your world --make it better.
Changing the world, one tire at a time.
Breathe with confidence. Better World Club.
You can hijack my car, but not my mind.
Kicking AAAsphalt.
Want a Better World? Join the Club: betterworldclub.com
Use this link if the form above doesn't work

Car Talk Owes Better World Club Big Time As BWC Helps Underwrite Show (Need A Favor from Tom or Ray? Let Us Know As They Can't Bite The Hand That Feeds Them)

Better World Club is helping to underwrite NPR's Car Talk, heard on weekends throughout the U.S. If you have friends interested in joining the Club, please refer them to us. If you have friends interested in joining the Club who will only do so if they receive a copy of Click & Clack's "Ten Ways You May Be Ruining Your Car Without Even Knowing It!", refer them to www.cartalk.com.

Car Talk Logo
In the News
As If Better World Surcharge Wasn't Enough, Hummer Owners Also Lose Tax Break (thanks to www.DontBeFueled.org for the heads up)

Last Fall, Congress finally took action to phase out the tax loophole allowing small business buyers of giant SUVs, such as the Hummer, to deduct upwards of $100,000 of the purchase on their tax return. More
As if Better World Hybrid Discount Weren't Enough, CA Hybrids Get Carpool Lane Privileges

California and the Federal Government just keep struggling over the automobile and environmental policy. The Federal Government has already let it be known it doesn't like California's efforts to regulate the greenhouse gas emissions of automobiles. Now it has the chance to overrule California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger who signed legislation allowing solo drivers of selected hybrid vehicles onto the state's 1,100 miles of carpool-designated highway lanes. The new law provides 75,000 permits for owners of gas-electric automobiles to drive with only one occupant in the commuter lanes. But, Congress must pass a law authorizing California's law and President Bush must sign it. Assuming this happens -- which is iffy -- hybrid car owners will still have to obtain a "Clean Air Vehicle Decal" from the DMV in order to avoid getting ticketed.

To see a list of qualifying vehicles that average a minimum of 45 miles per gallon, click here.
Hertz Should Be Trying Harder! Get Your Fleet to 40 MPG

Tell Craig C. Koch, President of Hertz, to consider fuel economy when purchasing vehicles for its U.S. fleet. Take the Pledge

Check out ecopledge.com and take action on a variety of important issues.
Membership Info
WASTE NOT, WANT NOT! Smart Usage Reduces Membership Fees and Prevents Wasted Calls

Each member receives four service calls annually. There are situations where you may be encouraged to "waste" a call. Find out how you can protect your service calls and help keep membership fees down. More

Member Notes
Dear you guys... I never expected to begin my membership by actually needing roadside assistance, but I did and your response was superb. Thank you.

I hit some on-road debris which punctured a tire, I needed to pull over at a high-speed, multi lane interstate connector off ramp with no place to safely change the spare. Plus, it was one of those locations where drat drivers enjoy using the breakdown lane to pass. About the worse place to get a flat. Your dispatcher arranged for the fastest response from a service vehicle that I ever experienced, and I was on my way in no time.

An odd way to feel welcomed to the club.

Thanks again.
Ben Goldberg
Member since 1/1/05


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