January 2005

Better World Club supported the efforts of both Governor Davis and Governor Schwarzenegger to make California the first state to regulate the greenhouse gas emissions of automobiles.

Automakers v. the People? Engineers, Not Lawyers should be the Solution to Global Warming Pollution

Click here to find out moreUnder the guise of their coalition front group--the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers--Ford, GM, Toyota and other major automakers have filed suit against the people of California to block the state's new vehicular global warming law (Honda and Nissan have yet to join the suit). This law would have a huge impact on reducing heat-trapping emissions. Eight states are already poised to adopt the California standard amounting to over a quarter of the national passenger vehicle market. The automaker lawsuit is an insult to consumers demanding cleaner cars and ignores available clean car technology and sound scientific data on global warming. Take Action!

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