July 2006


Best Ways To Beat The Heat This Summer: Drink Lots Of Fluids And Support The "Safe Climate Act"

Not Necessarily In That Order

Global warming is a hot topic this year, and lots of folks are talking about it. Rep. Henry Waxman (D-Calif.), however, is doing more than just talking. He's taking some action. Waxman has introduced the "Safe Climate Act" (H.R. 5642), a comprehensive bill that would gradually reduce greenhouse gas emissions through 2050.

According to Rep. Waxman, the bill's targets include freezing U.S. greenhouse gas emissions in 2010, at the 2009 levels. Beginning in 2011, it would cut emissions by roughly 2% per year, reaching 1990 emissions levels by 2020. After 2020, it would cut emissions by roughly 5% per year. By 2050, emissions would be 80% lower than in 1990. This goal is similar to goals that have been announced by United Kingdom Prime Minister Tony Blair and California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger.

The Senate version of this bill, the "Global Warming Pollution Reduction Act", was recently introduced by Senator Jim Jeffords (I-VT). This bill includes provisions that are very similar to those of Rep. Waxman's Safe Climate Act.

Drive Change by sending Congress an email and let them know that you support both the "Safe Climate Act" and the "Global Warming Pollution Reduction Act".

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Other Ways To Drive Change:

Take Action with the Union of Concerned Scientists and tell Congress what you think about tax breaks for Exxon/Mobil and drilling in the Arctic Wildlife Refuge.

Haiku Activism!

driving with doo-doo
fossilized dinosaur poo
when will it run out?

Andrew Shannon
Bronx, NY

Send Congress and the White House a haiku and let them know that you care.

State Greenhouse Gas Regulation Now Dependent on the Supremes

Only One Vote Prevented The Court from Crippling The Clean Water Act During the Last Session

Uh, Oh...

As readers of Driving Change and Kicking Asphalt know, Better World Club has been actively involved in supporting state regulations covering auto greenhouse gas emissions, given the abdication of the federal Environmental Protection Agency. An Appeals Court ruled 2-1 that EPA's inaction could pre-empt the state regs, but now the Supreme Court has agreed to take the case. Complete Story

NYTimes Editorial on Motor Vehicle Emissions Case

Here's the New York Times on the legal issues raised by the efforts to regulate motor vehicle greenhouse gas emissions. NY Times (requires registration): NY Times or Truth Out


Jeff Cohen Takes His Critics Advice and Goes to Venezuela to Check Out Citgo

Readers of Kicking Asphalt may remember our back and forth with a thoughtful member who disagreed with writer Jeff Cohen's calling for a Citgo "Buycott". Better World Club does not have a position on the boycott, but we do want to keep our readers apprised of both sides. Read Jeff Cohen's report on his visit to Venezuela.

Additional Ways to Get Where You're Going:

Sebastian Mallaby says cheap carbon based energy is a "dishonest" way to fight global warming.

Les Brown surveys cutting edge energy technologies in The Futurist.
Robin Pomeroy of Reuters explains how Climate Issues were knocked off the agenda of the G8 earlier this week.

If you would like to contribute your opinion to Driving Change's Giving Directions please email it to us at


David Hasselhoff And LPG Vehicles

What's The Connection? Germans Can't Get Enough Of Either Of Them

(Well, They Have Good Taste In Cars, Anyway)

Subaru Offers The LPG "Ecomatic" In Germany

Americans own 30 percent of the world's vehicles, we drive farther each year than the international average and we burn more fuel per mile than any other country. With all the cars owned in the US, you'd think that we would have our pick of alternative fuel vehicles. Unfortunately, this is not the case.

For some reason, the auto industry seems to believe that Americans don't care about fuel efficiency or emissions. Who knows, perhaps it's due to government subsidies for "Big Oil", our love affair with SUVs, or our inability to either ride bicycles or take public transportation.

Regardless of the reason, as consumers and environmentalists, we can demand more options. For example, Subaru is currently offering three versions of the "Ecomatic" in Germany. The Ecomatic burns LPG instead of standard gasoline.

Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG) is made up of a mixture of hydrocarbon gasses - primarily propane and/or butane. Greenhouse gas emissions from LPG vehicles are lower than gasoline.

Click here to let Takao Saito, Chairman and CEO of Subaru of America, know that you would like to see LPG vehicles offered in the US.

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Do Germans really love David Hasselhoff? The answer, mein freund, is "Ja".

Peugeot To Produce A Diesel Hybrid

Mad Scientist To Produce An Atomic Dinosaur Hybrid

Don't Get Too Excited. Neither One Will Appear Before 2010

Though mass production is still a few years off, and the fact that they probably won't be offered in the US anyway, we're still excited about Peugeot's work on a diesel hybrid.

Drivers of diesel hybrids would get the best of both worlds: The power of a diesel combined with the efficiency of a hybrid. The cars also achieve 25 percent better fuel economy than a comparable gasoline-electric hybrid - 3.4 liters of diesel fuel per 100 km (roughly 69 mpg combined city/highway).

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Alternative Fuels Hold Ground / Others Rise

The increasing costs of petroleum and the effect that it has on the American economy has been the subject of much hysteria, concern and legislation. Better World Club's Fuel Report reflects the average costs of alternative fuels versus standard fuels. In many cases, drivers of alternative-fueled vehicles are more likely to be 'gently disciplined' rather than 'hit hard' by high fuel prices.

July has seen the alternative fuels go through minor fluctuations but generally hold steady, unlike gasoline and diesel.

BWC Travel Offers A New And Improved Airline Booking Engine

Check out Kicking Asphalt for the complete story.

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