June 2006


Exxon/Mobil To Shareholders: "You Love Us, You Really Love Us!"

The Oil Giant's Shareholders Aren't So Sure;

Exxon Mobil Shareholders Defy Board
Nonbinding Election Resolution Passes Over Directors' Objections

Based on Washington Post reporting.

Shareholders at Exxon/Mobil's annual meeting at the end of May adopted a resolution over the objections of the company's board of directors, an almost unheard of reaction on the part of shareholders of a public corporation.

Exxon officials said they believed it was the first time in the company's history that a resolution had been adopted over the objections of the company, and it was seen as a sign of anger over the board's decision to award outgoing chief executive Lee Raymond a final-year pay package of $69.4 million and a retirement lump sum of $98.4 million. Complete Story

Other Ways To Drive Change:

Take Action with the Union of Concerned Scientists and tell Congress what you think about tax breaks for Exxon/Mobil and drilling in the Arctic Wildlife Refuge.

Use your "Buying Power" to Drive Change by purchasing gas from Chevron instead of Exxon/Mobil (Read the Chevron article below for more details.) or BP, CITGO or other oil companies. (Oops, Jesse Jackson wants to boycott BP. More in next Driving Change.)

Step Toward The Light and Encourage Congress To Support Solar Energy

Read the Complete Story

Send an email to your representatives. Rally your friends. Take Action Now, or no complaining later.

Washington Watch
If A Conservative Government Believes in the Marketplace, Why Does it Give Public Property Away at No Cost--or Close To It?

For That Matter, Why Did a Liberal Government?

PBS' NOW Explores Oil and Gas Royalties

As oil and gas companies continue to make enormous profits in a time of record-high gas prices, watchdog groups are accusing these companies of shortchanging American taxpayers out of billions of dollars in royalties for drilling rights on public property. Members of Congress are also being blamed for making sweetheart deals with Big Oil engineered to avoid the payment of royalties. Complete Story

Just What You Were Hoping For: High Gasoline Prices Generate Lots of Congressional Response

Ready for Off-Coast Drilling? (FYI: Jeb Bush Isn't.)

From Washington Post Reports.

Asked what he hoped to achieve during the current session of Congress, Bob Dinneen, president of the Renewable Fuels Association, had a simple answer: nothing.

U.S. policy regarding ethanol, whose makers his association represents, was just where he wanted it to be. The Energy Policy Act of 2005 had set minimum targets for ethanol use going out to 2012, spurring financing for new ethanol refineries and transportation projects from Iowa to northern New Jersey. All he wanted to do was hold the line. Complete Story


Road Rage? We Thought That Was A Reaction to US Energy Policy.

Road rage has a new name intermittant explosive disorder.

Additional Ways to Get Where You're Going:

Elizabeth Kolbert Says We're Passing the Global Warming Tipping Point in the LA Times.

The Daily Astorian says Chinese Power Plants are polluting the Northwest

The Guardian reports night flights are twice as polluting???

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GOOD: Chevron Invests In Biofuel Research

BAD: It's a Start, But They Need To Do More

UGLY: Puppies and Kittens (This Has Nothing To Do With Chevron - It's Just Our Opinion)*

Chevron Corporation has announced the creation of a unit specializing in ethanol and biodiesel fuel. These stated goals of this new project include:

-- Refining existing technology to make [biofuel] quality more reliable. Complete Story

Send an email and let Chevron Chairman and CEO David J. O'Reilly know that you applaud their efforts, but that they need to do more.

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* Correction: This is just the opinion of one Driving Change writer, not the entire Driving Change staff

BOA Offers Hybrid Rebates To Employees

BWC Offers 15% Discount To Hybrid-Driving BOA Employees (And All Other Hybrid Drivers)

Why Do Bank of America Employees and Hybrid Owners Get All The Good Stuff?

BOA, Others Warm to Hybrid Car Rebates

By Jonathan Stempel

NEW YORK, June 7 (Reuters) - Bank of America Corp. (BAC.N: Quote, Profile, Research) on Wednesday said it will offer $3,000 rebates to thousands of employees who buy hybrid vehicles, a move that could lead other large companies to provide similar "green" incentives.

The No. 2 U.S. bank is by far the largest U.S. company to offer such incentives, in an era of $3 a gallon gasoline. Complete Story

Better World Club Alternative Fuel Report
Fuel Costs Stabilize/Fall Across Country

The increasing costs of petroleum and the effect that it has on the American economy has been the subject of much hysteria, concern and legislation. Better World Club's Fuel Report reflects the average costs of alternative fuels versus standard fuels. In many cases, drivers of alternative-fueled vehicles are more likely to be 'gently disciplined' rather than 'hit hard' by high fuel prices.

June has seen an increase in Ethanol 85 prices. While generally the least expensive fuel, in some parts of the country the increase in E85 prices has caused retailers to reduce stocks, or even discontinue the product. Biodiesel is generally the most expensive of the fuels, though only marginally so in the West and the South.































BWC Travel Offers A New And Improved Airline Booking Engine

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