November 2005


The Apollo Alliance - Countdown To Energy Independence
In 1961, President John F. Kennedy announced that the Apollo Project would put a man on the moon in less than a decade. In 1969, it did!

Today, the Apollo Alliance is calling on the United States government to apply America's technological prowess and end our nation's dependence on foreign oil within ten years. You can help steer this administration and other politicians in the right direction by supporting the Apollo Alliance.

Wondering about the photo of Carl Weathers?
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Haiku Activism!

Don't let your opinion get lost among tons of Congressional constituent mail and corporate "contributions". (Unsurprising headline of the week: The latter gets opened first.) Get your opinion noticed while simultaneously expressing yourself with an ancient art form. That's right, we're talking about haiku activism!

You can create your own original haiku when you fill out one of our handy online petitions. The haiku will be sent to policymakers in a separate email. Here are a few examples to help you get started:

new energy bill
doesn't appear very new
not sustainable
global warming, boo!
Apollo Alliance, yay!
stop blowing hot air

Of course, we want you to Take Action! whether you can haiku or not.

Next month: Limericks Activism!


Cold Turkey--Let's Get Off Middle Eastern Oil

To inaugurate the "BACKSEAT DRIVING" section of Go Forward, here is Better World Club President Mitch Rofsky's argument for government adoption of an Energy Independence effort equivalent to the U.S. space effort (from June, 2002):

The Firesign Theater once created a character who was "high on gasoline and a shoeshine". Well, shoe shines may be out, but Americans are higher than ever on gasoline.

The oil companies don't appear to care much whose stuff they're pushing--"Texas tea" (who says you can't learn anything from watching quality television like The Beverly Hillbillies?) or Saudi Arabian Hose Candy, it's all the same to them. They just want their cut. So, they have a strong interest in seeing that the addicts stay dependent on the pushers-not whether there might be more benign alternatives (no methadone for them). Complete Story

If you would like to contribute your opinion to Go Forward's Backseat Driving please email it to us at


Click here to find out moreOn The Road Again with Biodiesel?

Better World Club To Discount Memberships to Biodiesel Drivers

Social consciousness and enormous musical talent aren't the only things we at Go Forward have in common with Willie Nelson. We both love biodiesel. In fact, Willie has gone into the biodiesel business. And, for someone with his track record with Farm Aid and other efforts, it's understandable why.

Biodiesel is a completely natural, renewable fuel suitable in most any situation where conventional petroleum diesel is used. Even though "diesel" is part of its name, don't be confused. There are no petroleum or other fossil fuels in biodiesel. Biodiesel is 100% vegetable oil based.

Driving a car powered by biodiesel is another great way to lower our dependence on foreign oil. In the November issue of Kicking Asphalt, Better World Club ( will announce a discount on new memberships to members who use biodiesel.

Learn more about biodiesel and get involved with a cooperative at


Links to Check Out This Month

  • Environmental Defense: see what auto-makers are doing(or not) to tackle global warming and pollution.
  • Sierra Club: Influence the nation's existing and future transportation options.
  • LA Times: 270 million acres of public land are at risk of being "bought" by corporations and developers.
  • Union of Concerned Scientists: sinks to a new low by using auto lobbyists and makeovers, but only for an episode of SUV-TV!
For additional advocacy campaigns, and links to more of the nations leading advocacy groups, visit our Go Forward page.

GO FORWARD Anagram of the Month:
"Frodo Gwar"

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