July 9, 2009

LowerGear GPS Rental

Find All 162 Starbucks Locations On Your Next Trip to London! (That's a Lotta Latte!)

BWC Members Receive a 20% Discount on LowerGear GPS Rental

Rent a GPS for travel to popular international destinations. Each GPS is sized for both automotive & handheld travel and features state-of-the-art navigation, sharp graphics, voice guidance, and pre-loaded points of interest. With top GPS models from Garmin, Magellan, TomTom, and Mio, we select the best fit for your destination. And with easy ordering and shipment right to your door, you'll wonder how you ever traveled without one!

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Arvee - Green Office Supplies
Better World Club members Save 15% on Arvee's Green Office Supplies

Arvee Corporation is committed to providing environmentally friendly products that not only make life a little bit easier, but also give Planet Earth a helping hand. These are everyday items that we couldn't live without, but we can also use in a more eco-friendly manner - products that are made from recyclable materials, use less electricity, are more energy efficient, or run on natural and organic substances are the foundation of everything that Arvee Corp. has to offer.

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Evolve Electrics - Electric Conversions and Conversion Kits

Juice Up Your Ride with EVolve Electrics

BWC Members Save $500 on Conversions or $100 on Conversion Kits

Colorado-based EVolve Electrics provides conversions, or retrofits, of gas vehicles to full electric vehicles. Their converted vehicles have similar performance to their gas counterparts and can go 50-100+ miles per charge. They plug into regular 120V wall outlets (or 240V dryer-type outlets, as an option). These are zero-emission vehicles at the tailpipe, and true zero-emission vehicles if the power source is renewable - and they're recycled from old vehicles. EVolve is also offering conversion kits for do-it-yourselfers (BWC members are eligible for a $100 discount).

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"Recycled" Member Special of the Month

Best Bookstore in U.S Joins Best Auto Club in U.S. to Discount Books to Members

Save 7.5% Shopping Online for Books at!

Better World Club has teamed up with the famous Powell's Books to offer its vast inventory of over 1,000,000 volumes at a discount to our members and visitors nationwide. Beside the typical mystery and travel books you'll find at any website, offers 120 different subject areas, including Academic, Scientific, and Home+Garden. Complete Story

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