April 29, 2010

Sovereign Earth Stainless Steel Water Bottles

Just Tastes Like Water...And That's a Good Thing

Win a FREE Stainless Steel Filter Bottle from Sovereign Earth (Get a 25% Discount Even if You Don't)

Sovereign Earth is powered by its commitment to the planet and the livelihood of its inhabitants. The company creates, promotes, and uses its products based on the principles of Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle: each of its bottles and accessories is designed to improve the health of its customers and to reduce our collective impact on the environment.

Every Sovereign Earth stainless steel bottle is made with 100% recyclable, high quality, food grade stainless steel, is BPA free and non-leaching, and is, of course, an eco-friendly alternative to plastic bottles. (Billions of plastic bottles are thrown away each year in the United States alone and can take up to 1000 years to biodegrade.)

And if you tend toward bottled water because you're worried about the quality of your tap water, that's no excuse. Sovereign Earth makes its 27 ounce stainless steel bottles with filters -- filters with patented filtration technology -- that remove 99.9% of all tap water contaminants, like chlorine, heavy metals, pharmaceutical drugs, agriculatural run-off, and industrial pollutants. Plus, they're 100% recyclable and can be used to filter over 100 gallons of water (that's 9 to 12 months worth of water). Replacement filters are available as well.

And get this! Sovereign Earth is giving away three of its 27 ounce filter bottles, just for Kicking Asphalt readers. Visit the Sovereign Earth website and check out their products to be entered to win. And even if you don't win, and provided your a member, you can take advantage of a 25% discount on purchases made at the Sovereign Earth online store. Log in to the member section of the BWC website to find the discount code for this HUGE discount.

This doesn't taste like anything! And it's not supposed to.

Jade Planet Recycled Shoes, Handbags, and Accessories

It's Deja Shoe All Over Again

And Deja Bags and Deja Wallets, Too

Jade Planet strives to provide attractive, comfortable, and useful footwear, bags, and accessories that incorporate materials and processes of the highest environmental and social standards. Founder Julie Lewis insists on maintaining a triple bottom line philosophy that considers Planet and People in addition to Profit when making business decisions and planning strategies.

Julie Lewis founded the original Deja Shoe in 1991. For several years after the original Deja folded, the brand was owned by two other companies. Now the Deja name is once again in Julie's hands, and she plans to take environmentally and socially responsible shoe manufacturing back into her own hands as well. ("Jade" is not only a name for a "green" gem stone but an anagram for her original company name "Deja"). All Jade Planet's products feature post consumer recycled materials (including denim not purchased from thrift stores and polyurethane bags collected from the streets of Indian cities) and are 100% vegan.

Better World Club members get 15% off of not already discounted items at the Jade Planet store. Log in to the member section of our website to take advantage of this discount off of Julie's already enticingly priced -- and unarguably chic -- products.

Healthy Highways: The Traveler's Guide to Healthy Eating

On the Road? Skip the Greasy Spoon

(You'll Save Time Not Making all Those Rest Stop Visits)

Stay healthy while traveling anywhere in the United States with Healthy Highways: The Traveler's Guide to Eating Healthy from bestselling food writers Nikki and David Goldbeck. "Healthy Highways belongs in every glove compartment, suitcase and backpack!"

The new edition of Healthy Highways includes verified maps and exclusive driving directions to 2800 eateries and health food stores (1000 more than the first edition), making it indispensable to vegetarians, vegans, organic and sustainability fans, and those with special dietary needs. And as for the rest of you, it probably wouldn't hurt for you to eat more healthfully on the road, either. That diner food can go through you pretty quickly. At the very least you'll make better time by avoiding all of those rest stops.

Better World Club members can get an additional 10% off of an already reduced price for Healthy Highways at the Healthy Highways website. (The site itself is a useful source of free health and travel information.) Check out the member section of the BWC site for your discount code.

"Recycled" Discount of the Month: Organic Bouquet
Mom's Methods Were Never Conventional. Why Get Her a Conventional Bouquet?

And even if your mother was more traditional, that doesn't mean YOU turned out that way. Mother's Day is May 9th. That leaves more than enough time for you to send her a beautiful arrangement of sustainably grown flowers from Organic Bouquet.

Organic Bouquet's unique online collection of stylish and one-of kind-products are carefully selected to maintain the highest social and environmental standards and practices. If you don't fancy any of their Mother's Day selections, they also have an option to purchase bulk flowers so that you can build a bouquet yourself. Plus, Organic Bouquet offsets the carbon emissions produced during the delivery of your flowers!

Better World Club members get 10% off of purchases at Log in to the member section of our website to save. Oh, and send mom our love.

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