December 15, 2010


Buy a New Membership in Better World Club and Get a Second Gift Membership Free!

See? Your Waiting Until the Last Minute Paid Off After All

There's no finer feeling during the holiday season than knowing the perfect gifts to get for the people on your list. It's been another tough year economically, and generosity can only stretch as far as your dollar. Don't worry. As always, Better World is here to help. Enter promotion code NWSA7711 at our online join page and you can get two Better World Club memberships for the price of one.

That's right. Buy one membership and get another membership at the same coverage level for FREE! Now you don't have to keep worrying over which niece is your favorite: you can get a membership for them both without spending any more than you would for just a single membership. (We won't tell them who got the free one.)

Not a member yet? This is the perfect opportunity to join!

Happy holidays!

(We were sure that you'd be so full of holiday cheer by this point that we decided to leave the fine print in regular size font: This offer is only applicable to the purchase of a new Better World Club membership. Premium members who are the recipients of free gift memberships are not eligible for gas rebates. Promotion code NWSA7711 expires 04/01/11.)

Get your gifts now by visiting the join page at our website or by calling Customer Service at 866.238.1137.

SPARE FUEL Biodegradable Emergency Fuel Supply

Running on Empty? Call Better World Club You'd Better Be Carrying SPARE FUEL

You Can Call Us After you Lock Yourself Out Going to Get the Bottle From Your Trunk

Carrying gas in your car is potentially deadly in extreme heat or in even the smallest of traffic accidents. It's not only unsafe, it's illegal in some states. SPARE FUEL is the world's first patented non-flammable gasoline derivative. Although it works like gasoline, it's not gasoline. It contains no volatile butanes, pentanes, hexanes or heptanes, and is therefore safe to store in the trunk of your vehicle and be used as a fuel substitute in an emergency "out of gas" situation. (We know you're embarrassed about calling us again, anyway.)

What's more, SPARE FUEL is the world's first and only biodegradable emergency fuel, which should make it especially appealing to Better World Club members. And as if that weren't enough, members of Better World Club get a 5% discount off online purchases at the SPARE FUEL website. Log in to the member section of the BWC website to find your discount code.

Eco Touch Conscious Car Care

Save 15% on Waterless Earth-Friendly Car Cleaning Products from Eco Touch

"Waterless, Earth-Friendly Car Cleaning Products?" "No, You're an Oxymoron!"

Eco Touch is committed to providing vehicle owners everywhere with high performance products that do not harm the planet or the user.

Beginning with its original waterless car wash, the company's product line has grown to now include 6 other green car care products: a dashboard protectant, carpet and upholstery cleaner, metal polish, all purpose cleaner, window cleaner, and microfiber towel pack.

Eco Touch has also made enormous strides in its mission to educate consumers that it is possible to enjoy a clean car or RV without the use of harsh synthetic chemicals. (After all, Better World Club won't tow you to a dry cleaner.)

Not convinced? Give them a try! Eco Touch is giving away two of its Interior Car Care Kit Mini Packs to Kicking Asphalt readers. Just click on that link and you'll atuomatically be entered to win one of the packs.

Better World Club members also get 15% off the cost of any orders at the Eco Touch website. Log in to the member section of the BWC website to find the members only discount code.

Occasional Car Denver Car Sharing
No Membership Fee and Your First Hour of Driving Free with Occasional Car of Denver

Not to say that our Colorado members aren't some of our smartest (or best looking), but there's nothing wrong with keeping things simple.

Occasional Car's Simple Plan is just that: simple. It's $4.99 a month, and then $4.99 an hour, any time of day, and any day of the week. The cost includes gas, insurance, roadside assistance (from Better World Club, of course), and mileage up to 150 miles per reservation. The daily rate, for any reservation between 8 and 24 hours, is just $39.99. Occaisional Car will waive its $25 membership/application fee for all Better World Club members who sign up for the Simple Plan. You'll also get your first hour of driving free! Visit the member section of our website for details.

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