March 4, 2010

ACCESS Hotel and Rental Car Discounts

Wow, That's a lot of Discounts!

Access a Crazy Variety of Hotel and Rental Car Savings Through ACCESS

Better World Club members are an upstanding bunch...but we get that everyone can't avoid trouble all the time. So if you need a nondescript car for a quick getaway, or a place to lie low while you're on the lam, we may not be able to help you with the feds, but we can definitely save you some money.

BWC partners with ACCESS to provide our members with a wide array of lodging and rental car discounts in over 90% of the zip codes across the United States. Members can save up to 25% on rental car reservations and 50% on hotel and motel stays. ACCESS also emphasizes exclusive offers and does whatever possible to negotiate deeper discounts than what's ever available to the general public. And, even better, all of ACCESS's discounts are super easy to, ahem, access. Members can search for discounts by logging in to the member section of our website and clicking the Hotel Access link at the bottom left of their profile pages.

Featured Lodging Discount: Tree Frog Night Inn Bellingham

Experience the Natural Beauty of Whatcom County (While Helping Preserve It)

BWC Members Receive a Special 10% Off Stays at the Tree Frog Night Inn Bellingham

Like relaxing amid nature but also appreciate the amenities of a fine hotel? Enjoy outdoor activities but like to get into town for some shopping as well? Do you also try to make your travel plans as sustainably as possible? Well so do the people at the Tree Frog Night Inn, a great place for your next Northwest getaway.

Located in a cedar forest on the road that leads from Bellingham, WA to Mt. Baker, the Tree Frog Night Inn is ideally located for enjoying all of the activities on offer in Whatcom County. Guests can easily get out into nature to hike, ski, mountain bike, river raft, bird or whale watch; or head into Bellingham (15 minutes by car) for its museums, galleries, restaraunts, and breweries. And Vancouver, British Columbia is just an hour away!

The Tree Frog Night also pays special attention to sustainability. The Inn was sited to minimize its impact on the surrounding forest and uses natural, non-toxic, green-certified products for its construction and the interiors of its Mediterranean and Coast Salish Native suites wherever possible. A rain barrel captures runoff water for reuse, food wastes are composted and reused as soil, and the Inn's optional Mediterranean breakfast sources local, sustainable ingredients (organically produced whenever possible). It's easy to see why beauty, health, and sustainability are the themes of this cozy country inn.

Better World Club members can get 10% off their stays at the Tree Frog Night Inn by contacting the Inn with their member numbers. Contact Tree Frog Night Inn. Or, make a reservation.

"Recycled" Member Special of the Month: ReBinder Recycled Office Supplies

Recycling at Work Was Never Easier

Save 20% on Purchases at ReBinder Recycled Office and School Supplies

Don't feel bad about all those legal pads you filled with doodles or that three line email you accidentally printed 30 times (well, don't feel that bad, anyway), because now you can cut down on waste, reduce your carbon footprint, and conserve resources at work before even making a trip to the recycling bin. ReBinder offers a full suite of recycled office and school supplies. Their binders, folders, journals, and CD/DVD cases are the most environmentally responsible you'll find.

Many companies and organizations have already standardized on ReBinder products for internal use, as well as on products used as branding tools and for conferences and events around the world. Designers and graphic artists also love ReBinder products because many pieces can be customized with ReBinder's in-house custom printing services using water-based inks. Together, ReBinder customers have saved millions of gallons of water, thousands of trees, billions of BTUs of energy, and hundreds of tons of solid waste. Download a copy of the ReBinder catalog.

Better World Club members get 20% off of all ReBinder purchases. Take advantage of the discount by logging in to the member section of our website.

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Save up to 13% on Your Insurance Premium. Click here to get a quote.

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