April 28 2005

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Check out our new Commute Savings Calculator, powered by AlterNetRides

Calculate your estimated savings (and pollution) when you rideshare with another person. This unique feature can be found on our web site. The Commute Savings Calculator is powered by AlterNetRides, a free service to help you rideshare or find carpoolers in your area.

Interesting facts and information about Ridesharing and Carpooling.
Travel Specials
Give the planet a vacation the next time you take one! Rent the Bio-Beetle. Club Members get a 5% Discount.

Bio-Beetle is the first company in the world to offer rental cars fueled exclusively with biodiesel. Rentals are currently available on Maui and Oahu. Their vehicles are powered solely by B100 biodiesel, a diesel fuel made from vegetable oils, and in Hawaii all biodiesel is made from used cooking oil. They do not blend our fuel with any petroleum. More
Top Story
Better World Club Testifies for Greenhouse Regs of Automobiles

Auto Industry Says That Marketplace is Effective and Should Decide

Better World Agrees Marketplace is Effective: When Pollution is Free, Marketplace Gives Us More Pollution

Joining the Union of Concerned Scientists, the National Lung Association, the Bonneville Foundation, and numerous climate experts, Better World Club testified in support of legislation requiring the state of Oregon to follow California's lead and regulate the greenhouse gas emissions of automobiles at a state Senate hearing in March.

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In the News
General Motors Says "Size Matters!"

''Real Americans Want Real Cars - Not Hybrids!"

As Reuters put it, "Never mind the fuel-sipping, gas-electric hybrid vehicles. Detroit wants to send power to the people. Right now the drive for more and more power in cars is way larger than the drive for more and more hybrids," said GM Vice Chairman Bob Lutz, the top carmaker's long-time design guru. More
Surprising (and Welcome) Coalition Says to Invest in Energy Independence Ahead of Coming Crisis

As reported by ENS (the Environmental News Service) on March 30, 2005 --31 national security leaders --from former Democratic Senator Gary Hart and Clinton Chief of Staff John Podesta on the left to Reagan National Security appointees Robert McFarlane and Frank Gaffney on the right, are advising President George W. Bush to reduce U.S. consumption of foreign oil through "improved efficiency and the rapid substitution of advanced biomass, alcohol and other available alternative fuels." More
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Member Notes
Send us your "Stories from the Road" and get published in the next edition of Kicking Asphalt

Dear Better World Club,
I just received your informative email and also wanted to let you know that your NEW website looks great!!! I will be joining BW very soon. Thanks for making the world a better place to live, unlike the other guys who just make lots of money for themselves. --Danny C., Texas member since 2005

Dear People,
So far, I have not had occasion to use your services, but I am really excited to be a relatively new member and the addition of bike roadside service is truly appreciated. As a 57 year old woman who is socially conscious anything I can afford that helps me keep fit and save gas is welcome! Thanks and may you have a prosperous, peaceful year. --Laurie D.

Dear Better World Folks,
I unfortunately needed to call you folks for roadside assistance a month or so ago. I was apprehensive as it was my first time to request service. I called your number and had to wait quite awhile to get connected. I thought to myself that it was not a good sign. Finally I was talking to a dispatcher and was told that I would be contacted back in a few minutes. It was only a couple of minutes and I was told that someone would be there within an hour or so. I was still apprehensive but to my delight my help arrived in about one-half hour! My tire was changed in just minutes and the service rep insisted on leading me to the nearest service station to fill up my spare tire for me. He even used his own 50 cents for the air!

I don't know why I was surprised - but I think that when anyone changes tracks they anticipate a bump in the road. I just wanted you to know that the road was smooth. --Leta W., Oregon Member since 2003


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