May 3rd, 2007

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Looking To Add Or "Lose" A Partner?

Better World Club and/or "Bernie The Fixer" Can Help

Well, we can't find you a soul mate or "rub out" your existing spouse (though we do know some people who can help with the latter). We can, however, help you add or remove an associate driver from your Better World Club membership. Associates can be a spouse, partner, children living at home who are under 21, or children away at school who are under 25. If you would like to make changes to your membership that would affect the cost of the membership, you will need to call us to make those changes as you will not be able to do that online. Complete Story.
In The News
Union of Concerned Scientists Launches Earth Day '07 Challenge & Contest

Better World Club Supplying Contest Prizes

By: Union of Concerned Scientists
Published: Apr 21, 2007

Hybrid technology should be giving U.S. consumers fuel-efficient, low-pollution options in all vehicle classes. However, more and more hybrid models are being introduced that focus on increased muscle rather than mileage. In Japan, by contrast, families have a choice completely unavailable in America-a hybrid minivan with fuel economy on par with a compact car. We estimate that the Toyota Estima Hybrid could reach around 35 miles per gallon in the United States. Complete Story

BWC Mentioned In Natural Habitat Adventures' Earth Day Planet-Friendly Travel Tips

Inconvenient maybe, but the truth is that travel-related activities contribute an estimated third of worldwide greenhouse emissions. Anxious to make summer travel plans without turning your back on Earth Day's April 22 planet-consciousness? Complete Story

TravelCool Website of the Month

The mission of the Green Map System (GMS) is to promote sustainability and community participation in the local environments, both natural and built. GMS offers adaptable tools and a global iconography for making environmental and cultural maps, empowering local project leaders to give familiar places a fresh perspective. Green Maps function as practical guides to greener living while helping spread model initiatives to new locations.
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80% Of You Love Us! You Really Love Us!

Better World Club's Renewal Rate Hit 80% In February

Apparently, Our "Renew In February And Win A Dream Date With Dick Cheney" Promotion Was A Winner

Better World Club reached an 80% renewal rate in February. This rate compares favorably with other auto clubs--and almost matches that of AAA.

According to the most recent figures available to us, AAA renews 70% of its first year members and 85% thereafter. Given that AAA has been around for over a century, that's a lot of thereafter.

By contrast, Better World Club has less than 4 years of renewals available to us, yet we are within 5% of AAA. We want to thank our members for helping us accomplish this goal.

We can also use the help of those of you who have given us testimonials (or who have been too shy to do so). There are now sites like, that aggregate consumer ratings of various businesses. We would appreciate if you would go to this and/or similar sites and submit your evaluation of BWC. At last look, Better World Club had a perfect 5 star SustainLane rating--and each review mentioned Kicking Asphalt.

With your help, we can keep on boosting our renewal rates in addition to making sure that we have more new members to renew. Thanks.

Read Last Issue's Top Story:

- Are Hybrid Owners the Most Spoiled BWC Members? 10% Discount On Auto Insurance Premiums Joins Discount On Member Fees

A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Forum...

Better World Club is proud to partner with, by hosting a BWC forum on their site. is a forum-based community offering the first of its kind, topic-specific forums centered on environmental issues. "Our goal is to provide the central hub for ecologically concerned citizens to find an easy to use resource where they can learn about and share information on various eco-subjects" says Tim Matteson, co-founder of "We are focused on doing one thing right; providing a community for like-minded, eco-concerned citizens, to congregate within specific topics that range from Hybrids vehicles to Composting to Eco-Chic events."

Check out to learn more.

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Finally, Video Games For Kids That Don't Bite

BWC Members Receive $5 Off Games From

The NoteNiks Respect Our Earth CD-ROM provides an exciting collection of games teaching children (ages 5-10) the importance of protecting our earth, and being ecologically mindful of limited natural resources.

The first Healthy Eating & Exercise CD allows parents, nutritionists and educators to teach young children, ages 3 - 8, about the benefits of eating and living more healthfully.

Click here to take advantage of the Better World Club member discount!

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Need To Get Out Of Town In A Hurry?

Try Our Spiffy New Booking Engine

KA - AutoErotic Edition?
Do you recall seeing more data on automobiles in Kicking Asphalt, but can't find it below? That's because we are now publishing a second edition of Kicking Asphalt. This edition, which features a variety of distinctive, consumer-oriented features on cars--and has been dubbed 'KA AutoErotic' by one of our members, includes:

- Recall Information
- Lemon Information
- The BWC High-Mileage Review: 2007 Nissan Altima Hybrid.
Washington Watch
Gov. Schwarzenegger To EPA: "Ah'll Be Back" If CA Greenhouse Gas Regs Not Approved

EPA Better Watch Out, We've Seen This Movie

Better World Club Has Been Following This Story Since 2002

In 2002, then-Governor Gray Davis signed off on a bill that would reduce 25% of greenhouse gas emissions by cars sold in California by 2009. Under this plan, carbon dioxide emissions would be cut by 30% by 2016. So far, so good, right? Unfortunately, the EPA has refused to grant the necessary waiver that the state first requested in December 2005.

Better World Club first reported on this story in the very first issue of Kicking Asphalt ever. The inaugural "AAA Watch" article cites AAA's concerns about the environmentally progressive legislation, and reaffirms BWC's support for it, the only auto club to do so at the time.

Now, fast-forward four and a half years. Gray Davis' successor, Arnold Schwarzenegger, has taken up this cause, and finally, after all this time, momentum is starting to build in the Governator's favor. The Supreme Court recently ruled that the EPA must determine whether vehicle emissions are harmful to humans, and, if so, the agency would then be required to regulate emissions under the federal Clean Air Act.

This ruling led to EPA Chief Stephen L. Johnson's testimony before a congressional committee last week. Senators hammered Johnson, repeatedly asking when the EPA would move on the Supreme Court ruling and California's waiver request.

With apparently no other foot-dragging options left to him, Johnson is actually going to comply with the will of California residents and US law and hold a public hearing on the waiver on May 22 (presumably 2007, but based on past experience, who knows?). Complete Story.

More Washington Watch in Kicking Asphalt and Driving Change:
- Will Last Week's Positive Supreme Court Decision Ultimately Lead To an Ironic Result?
- EPA Chief: Bush Climate Policy Is Working... Gee, Like the Katrina Rebuilding Effort Is Working, Like Alec Baldwin's Anger Management Therapy Is Working, Like Al Gore's Diet Is Working...

Do You Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is?




























BWC Alternative Fuel Report

Let's Just Be Honest: Gas Is Really Freakin' Expensive

B99 Biodiesel Is Currently The Only Fuel That Costs More Than Gasoline

Cyclists Have Yet Another Reason To Be Smug (As If Shapely Calf Muscles Weren't Enough)





























Hear that sucking noise? That's the sound of the money being siphoned out of your wallet and pouring into your gas tank. National price averages for gasoline have skyrocketed up $0.18 over the last two weeks. E85 Ethanol averages jumped $0.09 and petroleum diesel prices remained the same. Only biodiesel prices dropped, with both B20 and B99 averages dipping $0.02 each.

Regionally, B99 and B20 Biodiesel pricing fell most dramatically in the West and Mid West regions. E85 prices rose in all regions, except the West Coast and North East.

Do you have an unnatural interest in fuel prices? Are you a fan of tables filled with important-looking numbers? If so, we recommend finding a healthier hobby (putting together that coffee table book featuring the many hairstyles of Sanjaya Malakar, making the "perfect" watercress sandwich, etc.) or you can feed your fetish by checking out BWC's previous Alternative Fuel Report Using Alternative Fuels Makes Cents! Prices For Petroleum-Based Fuels Continue To Rise While Alternative Fuel Prices Drop' as published in the April 18th issue of Kicking Asphalt'.

Chevrolet's Triple-Treat

By Dave Moore

These triplets are Chevrolets, and Dave Moore reckons it's proof that among those rows of profligate polar bear-drowning, crop-searing, atmosphere destroyers commonly associated with American car brands, a convincing motoring future can be found.

Their jaws were slacker than a liquorice sunchair. Several scores of journalists simply stopped talking when Chevrolet unveiled its latest concept cars at the New York Auto Show this month. In an industry where new cup holders, an automatic handbrake or a well-placed MP3 plug can generate waves of applause and even cheers, abject silence has become the biggest compliment you can pay. Complete Story

PepsiCo Makes Big Renewable Energy Buy

Beverage maker PepsiCo Inc. said Monday it is now one of the top 25 green-power buyers in the country, having made the largest purchase so far of renewable energy certificates.

The purchase matches the amount of electricity PepsiCo used for all of its U.S.-based manufacturing facilities, its headquarters and distribution centers and regional offices, the company said. Complete Story

More "Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is" in Driving Change:

- Great News For Biodiesel Fans: Nissan to Offer a Diesel Version of the Maxima in North America by 2010
- Home Depot to Display an Environmental Label

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