June 18th, 2007

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AAA, National Review Believe America Loves Inanimate Objects

Prince Loves His Guitar; Americans Love Their Cars?

When energy legislation is being considered by Congress, it's amazing how many people are willing to tell the public that they just love their cars too much for any real reform.

Rich Lowry, editor of the conservative National Review, exemplifies this strategy: "For good reason,", he says, "the average American loves his cars - each and every one of them."

But he was hardly alone. AAA shared his sentiments. Complete Story

More on Memorial Day travel and Executive Vice President of AAA Mark Brown's revealing comment.
In The News
Wall Street Journal Consumer Reporter Picks BWC Over All Other Auto Clubs (Yes Including That One!)

WSJ: Competition for Roadside Assistance Heats Up

by Terri Cullen
Wall Street Journal

I'd been a member of the auto club since I bought my first car in 1989, a beat-up 1980 Ford Mustang. That car desperately needed a roadside-assistance program, and the $50 a year membership fee to AAA paid for itself the first time it broke down. Complete Story

BWC Members, Make Your Voices Heard!

You can also click here to tell WSJ readers about your great auto club and why joining BWC was the best decision you've ever made! [Okay, even we think that was a bit much. Honestly, joining BWC was probably only the third best decision you've ever made. It was certainly better than that decision to try a home perm back in 8th grade - what were you thinking?]

'Kicking Asphalt' Labeled "Hilarious" By Plenty Magazine's Extremely Perceptive Writers

Auto Club With A Conscience

Plenty Magazine

It's easy to remember, when you're at the car dealer or the grocery store, that we vote green with our wallets every day. Organic strawberries v. conventional, hybrid v. SUV; these are green decision-making arenas we know well. But how about the last time you chose an auto club? Were you thinking green then?

If not, well now you can. We just found out about Better World Club, an environmentally friendly alternative to AAA Complete Story
Top Story

Know Where The Nearest Krispy Kreme Is Located, But Can't Find A Charging Station For Your Electric Car?

No Problem! Put Down That Cruller And Call Better World Club!

Better Yet, Give Us The Doughnut*

Better World Club is proud to partner with CleanCarMaps.com, the primary and most comprehensive online information source for clean fuel stations in California, Nevada and Arizona.

It's easy to use when you're near a computer, but what happens when you need to find a compressed natural gas (CNG) or biodiesl fueling station when you're out on the road? Complete Story

We encourage our readers to check their website at www.cleancarmaps.com.

[ *Mmm…Donut!]

Read Last Issue's Top Story:

- The Next Great Innovation in Auto Insurance: Pay by the Mile aka Pay As You Drive (PAYD)
Member Specials

Do You Know The Way To San Jose Santa Fe?

BWC Members Receive a 10% Discount When They Ride The Santa Fe Southern Railway!

Take a train ride from Santa Fe to the sleepy village of Lamy on SFSR's vintage coaches. Experience railroad history and the starkly beautiful New Mexico landscape. Enjoy lunch in the Lamy Depot Park, and then sit back and relax during the leisurely ride back to Santa Fe.

The Santa Fe Southern Railway has created a package of tours that combine the beauty and history of the New Mexico desert with eco-friendly business practices, including an engine that runs on bio-diesel, and solar panels above the cars that provide the train with electricity.

Better World Club members need only mention that they are members when purchasing tickets to receive the 10% discount. Check out the Santa Fe Southern Railway website for more information on SFSR tours.

More BWC Member Discounts:

- Eco-Travel Discounts
- Eco-Lodging Discounts
- Various Member Discounts

Need To Get Out Of Town In A Hurry?

Try Our Spiffy New Booking Engine

TravelCool Website of the Month


Pedaling.com offers self-guided road bike routes and mountain bike trails including maps, cue sheets and trail descriptions. It also includes resources for local bicycle shops, bike safety information and community bulletin boards for cyclists to share trail, road and cross country bike trip knowledge. Not enough? How about information on guided bicycle tours, cycling gear and bicycles? Check out the pedaling.com website for more details.

If You Liked That Site...

Be sure to take a peek at our 'Bodacious Page of Travel Links and Resources'. Our travel links page sports a crazy HUGE number of links, so if you're planning some travel this is a great resource.
Recycled "AutoErotica"
Do you recall seeing more data on automobiles in Kicking Asphalt, but can't find it below? That's because we are now publishing a second edition of Kicking Asphalt. This edition, which features a variety of distinctive, consumer-oriented features on cars--and has been dubbed 'KA AutoErotic' by one of our members, includes:

- The BWC High-Mileage Review: 2007 Toyota Yaris
- Recall Information
- Lemon Information
Washington Watch
Keeping Up With The Chinese?

Ask Your Senator To Support Higher Fuel Mileage Standards

This week, the Senate is likely to vote on the first improvements to vehicle mileage standards in more than two decades. The increase is long overdue and deserves the support of your Senators.

Congressional inaction on fuel economy has taken a heavy toll on both consumers and domestic automakers, which are losing market share partially because of their failure to meet rising demand for higher mileage vehicles. Complete Story

Bush's Climate Policy Selflessly Ensures that No Progress Will Be Made During His Tenure--And the G8 Buys It

Worldwide Climate Policy 1% Inspiration, 99% Aspiration?

OK, Maybe 1% Is a Little High

Think This Was a Climate Victory? Al Gore Doesn't

President George W. Bush announced a new global warming plan just one week before the G8 Summit in Germany. Incredibly enough, the G8 accepted it, for the most part.

President Bush wanted 15 major polluting countries to set a global goal for reducing greenhouse gases by the end of 2008 (any resemblance between the proposal's timeline and that of his presidential term is purely coincidental). Complete Story
More Washington Watch in Kicking Asphalt and Driving Change:
- Bush Orders Regulatory Action on Climate, Fuel Efficiency
- Warming Cited For $900 Billion Insurance Risk
- Admitted Oil Addict George W. Bush Falls Off The Wagon

Member Alert
The Member Login Page Has Moved!

The New Web Address Is Important If You Need To Renew Your Membership Or Update Your Contact Info

We at BWC like to keep our members on their toes by changing things up occasionally. Think of it as yet another value-added service that helps keep you sharp. Our latest change was to the web address of our member login page. If your renewal is coming up, you may have received an email or letter with the old URL. Click here to get the to member login page.

Members renewing in July will receive renewal letters and emails with the updated URL. Materials sent out to members renewing prior to July have the inactive URL.

Do You Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is?




























BWC Alternative Fuel Report

Huzzah! Fuel Prices Shall Rise No Higher!

...Until The End Of The Summer

We Think.

There's A Good Chance We'll Be Wrong, Though





























Fuel prices are largely the same as they were a month ago. B20 Biodiesel, B99 Biodiesel, and Gasoline prices are identical to their May 17th levels. E85 Ethanol prices are down $0.04 per gallon, and Diesel prices are up $0.01.

We predict that prices will drop a bit during the summer, and then come back up at the end of August, due to increased demand.

Do you have an unnatural interest in fuel prices? Are you a fan of tables filled with important-looking numbers? If so, we recommend finding a healthier hobby ( making ball gowns out of drapes, obsessively wringing your gloved hands and gnashing your teeth in agonized response to the brave and successful exploits of your arch-nemesis the Scarlet Pimpernel, etc.) or you can feed your fetish by checking out BWC's previous Alternative Fuel Report Just When You Thought It Was Safe To Go Back To The Pumps…, as published in the May 17th issue of ‘Kicking Asphalt'.

Toyota Banking On Hybrids Despite Expected Arrival Of Ecological Rivals

By Yuri Kageyama
Chicago Sun-Times

TOKYO -- Toyota's commitment to hybrid automobiles was on full display Thursday when it unveiled its most expensive gasoline-electric vehicle yet -- the $124,000 luxury sedan Lexus LS.

Executives at Japan's No. 1 automaker are fully convinced that hybrid cars are the way of the future. And they're betting that growing consumer concern about the environment - and higher gas prices - will lure even wealthy buyers to the new model, which went on sale Thursday in Japan for 15 million yen and will arrive later elsewhere.

Executive Vice President Masatami Takimoto denied hybrids were "a transitional technology" that will be replaced by more advanced ecological technology in the future. Complete Story

DHL Offers Carbon Neutral Shipping

Europe's Carbon Trading Market Sees Brisk Business

By Christopher Joyce
National Public Radio

The Group of Eight, a forum of the world's major industrialized countries, meets this week in Germany. High on the G-8 agenda is the issue of carbon dioxide, the main greenhouse gas that warms the planet. European governments have put a cap on how much carbon dioxide industries can put into the atmosphere, and they want to tighten that cap even more in the future.

To ease the pain of all these carbon cuts, Europe has created a carbon market. Businesses that emit less than their quota of carbon dioxide can sell the surplus credits to other businesses that can't live within their quotas.

It's like climate atonement you get to buy your way out of failure. This carbon market buys time for companies to figure out how they can live within CO2 limits, which will only get tighter over time. This system has grown quickly, and in some unexpected ways.

The shipping company DHL delivers a lot of mail, and it creates a lot of greenhouse gases in doing so. But a new service promises to offset the carbon dioxide emitted in the shipping process making shipments, in other words, "carbon neutral." Complete Story

More "Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is" in Driving Change:

- From The Viper To The Volt: Bob Lutz's Hybrid Electric Conversion
- The Devil's In The Detailing (Unless It's Done By Advanced Mobile)


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