November 19, 2007

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AAA of Northern California: A Green Light in the Smog?

Credit Where Credit Is Due?

Hmm...A Response to Better World Club??? (We'd Like to Think So, Of Course.)

AAA created the highway lobby over 100 years ago--at a time when the highway lobby may have been necessary. But, as a whole, AAA's practices haven't changed much, despite the mounting urgency of global climate change and the need for transportation reform.

However, one AAA club is making an effort to clean up its act: AAA of Northern California. Complete Story
In The News
The Portland Tribune Reports on Better World Club's Role at Protest of Toyota's Anti-Environmental Lobbying

They Even Have A Rare Photo of BWC CEO Mitch Rofsky Wearing a Suit!

By Lee van der Voo
Portland Tribune

A Friday protest in Northeast Portland underscored a critical debate now raging in Congress: whether auto manufacturers' concerns about new federal emission standards should outweigh those of American consumers - and states like Oregon - as they move toward more fuel-efficient vehicles. Complete Story

USA Weekend Recommends BWC's Eco-Friendly Options
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BWC Featured on
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Sustainable Industries Reports on BWC's Alternative Fuel Phone Service
Click here to read the story.

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Better World Club Passes 20,000 Member Mark!

We Know That Size Isn't Everything - But it Helps

Better World Club, the nation's first and only environmentally-friendly auto club, signed up its 20,000th member earlier this month and - in combination with our 80%+ renewal rate - keeps on growing. Nearly half of our new members come to us via word-of-mouth, so we literally couldn't have achieved this landmark without the help of our morally upright and impeccably hygienic members.

The larger our member base becomes, the larger the 1% contribution of our gross revenues to the environment will become, and the more effective our policy efforts will be.

We encourage our 20,000-plus members to keep spreading the word about Better World Club, and we'll keep doing our part to change the auto club industry.

Read Last Issue's Top Story:

- Better World Club Makes All Of Your Wildest Dreams Come True! (As Long as Your Wildest Dreams Involve a New and Improved Car Rental Booking Engine)

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Imported Oil Isn't a Monkey on our Back - It's an 800-Pound Gorilla on our Groin

100th Grease Monkey Sticks a Banana in Oil Industry's Tailpipe

Better World Club is proud to partner with, an organization dedicated to spreading the word on Waste Veggie Oil. 100th Grease Monkey's website allows restaurants that provide veggie oil to drivers to register with their database and much more.

We encourage all of our members to check out

TravelCool Website of the Month researches recent developments in electric vehicle technology and provides a portal through which to share EV information available to all; assisting individuals, groups, companies, and government agencies in finding alternative solutions to transportation needs.

Find out more at

If You Liked That Site...

Be sure to take a peek at our 'Bodacious Page of Travel Links and Resources'. Our travel links page sports a crazy HUGE number of links, so if you're planning some travel this is a great resource.
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Washington Watch
Do-Over: Appeals Court Forces Bush Administration to Rewrite Auto Regs--Again!

Judiciary Is Telling Administration to Feel the Warmth: Consider Global Warming When Developing Auto Rules

The Bush administration's fuel economy standards for many sport utility vehicles, minivans and pickup trucks have been rejected by a federal appeals court because they set a zero value on reducing carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gas emissions that cause global warming.
Complete Story

Correction From Last Issue:
GOP Candidate Ron Paul's Environmental Stance
More Washington Watch in Kicking Asphalt and Driving Change:
- Censory Perception: The Bush Administration is Being Accused - Again - Of Censoring Scientific Data It Finds Inconveniently Truthful

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Chances are, someone else has had the same question. We have put together a list of frequently asked questions to help you out. Please check out our Gas Rebate FAQ. If you still have questions please contact us and one of our associates will be happy to answer them for you.

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BWC Alternative Fuel Report

Like The Eagle, Fuel Prices Soar*

Those Little 3-Wheeled Electric Cars that Only Go 30 MPH are Starting to Look Pretty Good, Huh?





























There's no other way to say it: fuel is just crazy expensive. Every fuel we price (Gasoline, Diesel, B99 Biodiesel, B20 Biodiesel, and E85 Ethanol) in every region of the country has gone up in price.

The only averages that haven't gone up in this latest alt fuel report are B99 in the Northeast and Midwest regions. Not that the prices for these fuels have gone down. We just can't report on pricing because retailers have largely stopped offering B99 for the winter because it tends to gel in cold weather.

Do you have an unnatural interest in fuel prices? Are you a fan of tables filled with important-looking numbers? If so, we recommend finding a healthier hobby (* collecting bootleg versions of John Ashcroft's live performances, etc.) or you can feed your fetish by checking out BWC's previous Alternative Fuel Report ' Diesel Prices Rise as the Mercury Drops' as published in the October 18th issue of ' Kicking Asphalt'.

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