August 25, 2009

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AAA Watch
Here We Go Again: Congrats to AAA South For Ending Discriminatory Practice Against Gay Couples...

Sort Of

In True Catch-22 Style, AAA South Now Allows Married Same-Sex Couples to Purchase Joint Memberships in an Area Where Same-Sex Marriage Isn't Legal

Better World Club congratulates AAA Club South for following our lead and ending its discrimination against same-sex couples.

Up to a point.

Until recently, AAA Club South had refused to recognize gay partnerships as eligible for less expensive associate memberships, forcing both partners to buy more expensive primary memberships. They now have agreed to provide the associate memberships to married couples.
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In The News
"AAA offering assistance to bikes in Idaho and Oregon"

(The Article's Author Goes On to Note that BWC's Coverage is Better)

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Breakfast links: On two wheels, variously

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BWC Has Transitioned to a Primarily Paperless Fulfillment System

BWC recently changed the way we send our members their materials. As part of our conservation mission Complete Story
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BWC Covers All Your Wacky Vacation Mishaps!BWC Introduces RV and Motorcycle Coverage!

Whether You've got a Flat Tire, Need a Tow, or are Balanced Precariously (not to mention hilariously) on the Tip of a Pointy Mountain, BWC will be there to Help*

Have you seen too many Hollywood films about family vacations gone awry and thought, "Hey, that seems like a good idea?" If so, you definitely need to sign up for Better World Club's brand-spanking-new RV and Motorcycle coverage.

Just like our auto plans, our RV and Motorcycle programs cover towing, jumpstarts, flat tire, lockout, and fluid delivery services. Motorcycle coverage can be added to a Basic or Premium membership for an additional $17.00, and covers all named drivers for 4 service calls per year with up to 5 or 100 miles of free towing (depending on coverage level). RV coverage extends the benefits of a Premium membership to an RV, motorcycle, or other eligible vehicle. Members MUST have Premium memberships to upgrade to RV, and can do so for an additional $33.00. RV memberships cover four RV service calls per household per year. Drivers covered by an RV/Motorcycle plan are also covered while driving standard passenger cars.

IMPORTANT NOTE: In the past, BWC has allowed motorcycle drivers to be covered by standard Basic or Premium auto packages, as long as they've also had a car. These pre-existing members won't be required to upgrade (unless, of course, they have an RV they want to cover) until they renew. At that time, they will be able to maintain their motorcycle coverage for an additional $17.

- Click here for more information on our RV or Motorcycle coverage

- Click here to join with RV or Motorcycle coverage

- BWC already has a discount set up for RV camping!

*Okay, we do cover RV and Motorcycle towing, flat tire, lockout, jumpstart, and fluid delivery services. We don't, however, cover mountain-top vehicle removal or career-counseling for Robin Williams.

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Offset Your Carbon Emissions!
1.) Precisely determine the carbon footprint of your air travel.
2.) Easily and precisely offset the greenhouse gas emissions of your automobile (or to offset the emissions beyond the first 2,000 miles of driving if you are a Better World Club insurance client).

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Better World Club is proud to be partnered with The Bike Cooperative. Through TBC, Better World Bicycle Roadside Assistance memberships are being offered in bike shops all over the country. For more information, go to Complete Story
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Washington Watch

If We're Giving Money to the Auto Industry, Lets Give It To Consumers, Not Directly to GM

But If We Want to Encourage Green Car Purchases, Why Can You Turn In a 16 MPG Vehicle for a 20 MPG Vehicle?

The "Cash for Clunkers" program ended on Monday and, despite some carping, has proven itself successful in many ways.

If necessary for the revival of the auto industry, the program should be brought back. It's a far better way to provide money to the auto industry than giving the money directly to the auto companies.

However, there's a certain silliness about it. It has many purposes: to stimulate the economy (check), to bolster the auto industry (check), and to encourage energy independence and improve the environment (che...not so fast).

Former CIA Chief James Woolsey, now an energy independence activist, told BWC President Mitch Rofsky that getting gas hogs off the road was one of the most effective things our government could do to make the U.S. energy independent. Unfortunately, the government will still provide consumers with $3,500 even if their new vehicles get a mere 4 MPG improvement over their old ones. That's not enough--and is pretty silly. (A $4,500 credit is provided if the new purchase increases fuel efficiency by
Complete Story
TravelCool Website of the Month offers self-guided road bike routes and mountain bike trails including maps, cue sheets, and trail descriptions. It also includes resources for local bicycle shops, bike safety information, and community bulletin boards for cyclists to share trail, road, and cross country bike trip knowledge. Not enough? How about information on guided bicycle tours, cycling gear, and bicycles? Check out the website for more details.

If You Liked That...

Be sure to take a peek at our 'Bodacious Page of Travel Links and Resources'. Our travel links page sports a crazy HUGE number of links, so if you're planning some travel this is a great resource.

Do You Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is?
New Electric Dragsters Beat Gas Guzzlers


Drag races on hot summer nights at Northwest racetracks are loud, fast, and competitive. But some of the fastest cars aren't loud at all. They're electric and they're beating their gas–guzzling counterparts. Complete Story

EEStor CEO says game-changing energy storage device coming by 2010

By David Roberts

If the Texas company EEStor is running a scam, it's a frakking brilliant one. For years, the otherwise tight-lipped outfit has been promising a capacitor that can quickly charge, quickly discharge, and hold enormous amounts of energy, performance far beyond any battery on the market -- or even contemplated. If it performs as promised, the EESU (Electrical Energy Storage Unit) will revolutionize the electric vehicle market. It could enable cost-effective, high-capacity storage for renewable electricity sources. It could radically increase the utility of portable electronics. It would be an honest-to-goodness game changer. Complete Story

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