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Cupid Asks Better World Club to Offer Free Associate Memberships

BWC Refuses But Then Relents...Hey, Those Arrows Hurt!

The little dude with wings has been under a lot of pressure this year, and we have taken it upon ourselves to help Cupid spread the love around. In order for us to do this, we need your help!

For you (existing members) or a friend (readers and anyone else), we are offering a free associate membership if you participate between Valentine's Day and the end of the month! That's a $25 value for Basic members and $35 for Premium. How can you make this happen?

1. Log in to Facebook between Valentines day and the 28th of February.
2. Whisper sweet nothings about us (or our Valentines offer) on your Facebook page. Make sure to tag us by typing "@Better World Club" in the post.
3. Call us and let us know you love us as much as we love you! 866-238-1137.

We want to continue to grow, and we believe the best way to do this is for you to want to tell others about us. To make this happen, we can either A) Make costly bulk orders of Love Potion #9 or B) Continue to treat you like family and take care of you when you need us. We'll also continue to offer great promotions like this to encourage supporting businesses you like and whose missions you believe in!

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AAA Missouri Refuses to Cover Large Pickup Trucks

Company Says Shooting Self In Foot Actually Part of Business Plan

In 2010, Americans purchased 370,000 heavy-duty pickup trucks. In rural areas such as Texas, almost 1 in 4 people are truck owners. So we're puzzled that new customers are coming to us, having been turned away from AAA for having trucks such as the Ford F-350. AAA Missouri confirmed that they won't cover trucks larger than 3/4 ton.
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[Lobbiest says] Ethanol: "[It's] worse than the Canadian tar sands"

by Carolyn Lochhead

Many outside of the ethanol industry are calling for the end of subsidization.

One of the more bizarre coalitions ever to form in Washington is trying to kill a creature of Washington: corn ethanol.

The oil industry, environmentalists, taxpayer groups, livestock growers and foreign aid groups all want Congress to repeal the mandate requiring a 15 percent blend of ethanol in gasoline.

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Will You Leave Your Job To Join the Sharing Economy?

by Justin Elof Johnson

She started out by putting her room on Airbnb and doing a couple tasks a week via TaskRabbit. Now she's driving her car a couple days a week on Lyft. The combination of these three things is making her more money than she made working full time.

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Nation's Leading Consumer Groups Agree on Reform Agenda

Great...But That Is Not the Hard Part

Eight of the nation's leading consumer groups, including Consumer Federation of America, Consumer Reports, and Public Citizen, have written letters to Congress and the White House, urging them to "pursue a strong, robust agenda of consumer reforms." What are they urging on your behalf?
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Exhaust From Eco-tourist Melts Last of Glacial Mountain Range?

Many of the beautiful destinations we have sought after for generations are being altered forever. Others will disappear if we don't alter our environmental course. We all contribute to the problem, and the ever burgeoning trend towards "climate change sight-seeing" is not helping. Consider the environmental costs of your travel and what you can do to help preserve these treasures.
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Map Shows What High Speed Rail Might Look Like

by Michael Graham Richard

Alfred Twu, a high-speed rail activist and mapmaker, has created the map...showing what a cross-country high-speed rail network might look like in the United States.

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