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Better World Club Nominated for a Green Business Award: And We Need Your Vote!!

Edward Snowden Volunteers to Monitor Our Members Who Vote...And Who Don't! You Don't Want to be on that Second List... Vote Today!

Epic Video Testimonial

Better World Club has been nominated for the green business "People and Planet" award sponsored each fall by Green America. Other Nominees include Bio-Beetle Eco Rental Cars, Dogpatch Biofuels, Evergreen Escapes, Gondwana Ecotours, Greenway Transit, Inn Serendipity, Milkweed Mercantile Eco-Inn, Xtracycle, and Zingo.

Each of the ten finalists are amazing businesses doing great work and have made it through a competitive initial voting round by a panel of expert judges (from other eco-minded companies like Cliff bar, Seventh Generation, Calvert Foundation, and Organic Valley) to advance to the final round. This award represents both an overall green way of doing business and a commitment to greener travel and transportation.

Check out our contest bio, silly "Epic Video Testimonial!", and learn more about some other awesome companies all across the United States. Then vote for your top three - including yours truly!

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All Gift Memberships 30% OFF for ThanksHanuChrismaKwanzica!

Due to market pressure, next year we will be including Halloween.

30% OFF all Gift Memberships from now till the New Year! If you'd like to share us as a stocking stuffer or candle lit expression of your love and devotion, now is a great time. This offer is Only for Members who are purchasing gifts for friends and family: 30% OFF all Gift Memberships. If you have questions, or want to say [insert festive greeting] as you purchase your gift membership, call us at 866.238.1137.
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A Bipartisan Call to Protect the Arctic

Arctic Drilling Might Cool Investor Fears, but it will Boil the Dreams of Our Children

Better World Club and Oregon businessess write to President Obama and our Delegates to say "NO!"

Last week, Sen. Maria Cantwell, along with Republican Sen. Mark Kirk from Illinois introduced legislation that would extend wilderness protection to 1.56 million acres in the Arctic National Refuge's Coastal Plain.

BWC and other Oregon businesses also weighed in with a formal letter to President Obama and our delegates saying "Drilling in the Arctic is not worth it!".

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California 3 foot rule approved...

Maybe this is not a fairy tale, but it is proof. Of what?

Proof that good ideas can come true (despite AAA opposition)!

In September Governor Brown signed off on a 3 foot passing rule to protect bicyclists on the road.

The Law goes into effect September 2014 with only light fines for violators, but this is a clear victory for cycling advocates and concerned motorists who have fought for a mandated safe passing distance of 3 feet when overtaking a cyclist - which AAA has fought against for years.

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Member Alert:

National Park Passes are Available Through BWC

Ever Wonder What Teddy Roosevelt would recommend for a Christmas/Hannukah/All Holidays gift?

Teddy would say, "A National Park Pass" - every time.

National Park Pass The National Park Service has been entrusted with the preservation of America's national parks since 1916, and safeguards those very special places for the enjoyment of over 275 million visitors each year.

In partnership with the National Parks Service, Better World Club proudly offers National Parks and Federal Recreation Lands Passes for sale to our members. Members who purchase Parks Passes through Better World Club pay the same as they would were they to purchase through any other outlet, but receive a carbon offset for each pass purchased. Enjoy our national parks while also helping to preserve them for the enjoyment of future generations.

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On-Road Wheel Repairs

Resource is from the late legend Sheldonbrown(.com). Newer content by longtime friend John Allen.

By John Allen

The art of improvisation...

The usual tools and supplies for wheel repairs would weigh more than the bicycle. Certainly, you can carry a spoke wrench and a few spare spokes as you ride. But, if a wheel gets damaged far from home, you may need to perform a crude repair with improvised tools.

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In The News

From the Huffington Post

Here's How Obama Can Defeat the Republican Agenda: Endorse It!

As published in the Huffington Post

By Mitch Rofsky,

The government has reopened, but has President Obama learned the right lessons from the Republicans' hostility?

When most liberals wanted to expand Medicare, Obama Care went in a different direction. With its individual mandate and private insurance company focus, Obama Care was originally based on a proposal from the Heritage Foundation.

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Gondwana Ecotours

Setting a new standard for "ecotourism"

Gondwana Ecotours Gondwana Ecotours is a New Orleans-based ecotourism startup with the goal of improving and connecting the world through responsible travel. They provide travelers with an exciting, alternative vacation that will not only enrich their lives, but will also benefit the world we live in. We believe that by uniting travelers with other cultures and with nature, we will strengthen intercultural understanding and promote environmental stewardship.

Gondwana Ecotours is also a candidate for the People and Planet green business award. Vote today!

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Do You Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is?

10 easy-to-manage plants that clean your air.

How green is your air filter?

houseplants to purify air

All homes emit various contaminants into your home environment. Airing out your home often is a healthy practice (though not on days with lots of smog if you have it in your city). You can also purchase high quality technological solutions to indoor air quality. OR!!! You can go super green, and buy some plants. Plants are natures own air purifiers. Here are ten easy-to-managed house plants that will silently clean your air and bring aditional life to your living spaces.
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