Kicking Asphalt October 2013


Better World Club Expanding Our Carbon Offsets! Next Up: The Hot Air Coming Out of Congress

But We're Not Warren Buffett, So We Can't Offset All of It!

Better World Club, the nation's only eco-friendly auto club, announced today that it is going to offset one of the nation's most important sources of hot air: the U.S. Congress.

To accomplish this, Better World Club will offset more than 100 tons of carbon emissions generated by the Capitol Power Plant-representing one day of a Congressional session. Because of Congressional floundering, the Capitol Power Plant still operates using dirty fuels and pollutes the D.C. area to the tune of more than 100,000 tons of carbon dioxide (not to mention other pollutants) every year.

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AAA Offers Bike Roadside Assistance in Three States and Two Cities.

But only if you own a car...?

At this rate, they'll catch up to Better World's nationwide service in about... 125 years.

In select regions and counties, AAA covers members with bikes for 5 or 100 miles. Again, that is ONLY in specific areas - it is not nationwide. And bicycle assistance can only be purchased as part of their auto coverage.

What exactly is being offered to car/bike owners?

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Transportation and Housing & Urban Development appropriations goes T.H.U.D.!

US Senate reports the tragic loss of 1 gavel, two leather Senate seats, the US Budget, and their minds!

The Federal Government was shut down, due to the Republican opposition to Obama Care. That, rightfully, has gotten alot of press. Meanwhile, the rest of the Federal budget has been largely ignored.

What might still be left out of the Transportation appropriations bill?

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Hey Chicago Members, When You're Speeding Through Town, Keep in Mind Where Better World Club Gets Your Bail Bond Benefit. Otherwise, the Police Will Take Your License.

Better Yet: Keep in Mind That You Shouldn't Be Speeding!

We've received a few calls in the last month from members in and around the Chicago, IL area. They reported to us that traffic officers who pulled them over didn't recognize BWC's Arrest Bond Coverage (required in IL as a substitute for confiscation of your driver's license).

We looked into this matter and discovered some officers were not reading the bail bond information on the back of the membership card. Better World Club's Arrest Bond Certificate is covered though a partnership with Allstate Motor Club, Inc. and Travelers Casualty and Surety Company of America. See your member contract or the back of your membership card for more details.

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Search 30,000 Reputable Mechanics Nationwide Through Car Talk

Have you been peeking under manhole covers? Sending signal flares and desperately yodeling for help? You must be looking for a good mechanic who isn't going to rip off your radiator and retirement savings for no reason.

Few have garnered the respect that Tom and Ray have developed when it comes to honest (and sometimes even accurate) car diagnosis. Over their career, the Car Talk gurus have compiled a great resource - reputable mechanics near you!

If you don't already have one, check out Car Talks Mechanic Files to find a great mechanic near you.

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In The News

BWC Touted as a Business Model for Socially Minded Entrepreneurs

The article on mentions our dedication to bicycle roadside assistance and donation of 1 percent of our total revenue to environmental cleanup and advocacy.
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Epic Road

Adventure travel + Conservation + Philanthropy = Transformative Travel

Better World TravelEpic Road links well-thought out luxury experiences with humanitarian and conservation initiatives. Their programming specializes in the Arctic and Africa, connecting travelers with highly customized journeys focusing on cultural immersion and the confrontation of global issues.

Epic Road believes "travel can power massive positive change in the world. While these changes will take place on the ground in the destinations that our clients visit, we believe that the most important changes occur in the minds of our clients."

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Do You Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is?

"Flushable" wipes fouling up the waterworks

Accountability = CEO's on defensive ask the important question, "doesn't it disappear after you flush it?" Tests prove CEO's lack object permanence.

By James R. Hood

A backed-up sink or toilet is bad enough but entire sewer systems are getting clogged up by pre-moistened "personal wipes" and other consumer products that claim to be "flushable."

"If it's not pee, poop or toilet paper, don't flush it!"

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