April 2008


Will the EPA Feel the Heat Over Auto Greenhouse Gas Emissions?

So Far, the EPA Has Ignored the Supreme Court, AGs from Over a Dozen States...and the American People

We Need Your Rep To Support California's Right to Set Their Own Auto Emissions Standards

Perhaps you've heard about California's long struggle to enact its own auto emissions standards. After all, we've supported their efforts since 2002, and have reported on it here, here, here, here, here, here, and here.

The EPA has been dragging its heels, basically trying to stall until the current administration leaves office. Congress, not content to wait, is stepping up.

The House is currently debating H.R. 5560, a bill that would force the EPA to grant California and 13 other states their right under the Clean Air Act to set their own auto emissions standards.

We urge our readers to Drive Change by contacting their Representatives and letting them know that they should support H.R. 5560.

You can read the bill here.

Bush's Call To Address Global Warming In No Way a Sneaky Ploy to Derail Congressional Plans to Address Climate Change

Sure, Just Like the Time Bush Announced a Global Warming Scheme One Week Before Last Year's G8 Summit Wasn't a Sneaky Ploy to Derail the G8's Plan to Set Mandatory Emissions Limits

Or, Like the Time He Announced He Was Getting a Nose Job, Like, Barely Two Days Before Ashlee Simpson Got Hers

Preemptive news conferences. Making a grand announcement shortly before lawmakers sit down to debate a climate bill in Congress, President Bush is once again using this tried-and-true strategy to torpedo meaningful plans to address global climate change. Complete Story

A Problem with New CAFE Standard Plan

California League of Conservation Voters Blog

At a time when the climate crisis is the single greatest problem facing society, the Bush administration is still playing games. On Tuesday [4/22], Transportation Secretary Mary Peters announced a new Bush administration proposal to increase fuel economy standards for new cars and light trucks. By 2015, passenger cars will need to achieve 35.7 mpg and trucks need to reach 28.6 mpg. Considering the fact that CAFE standards haven't increased since their introduction three decades ago, this is a very good step forward. Complete Story

More 'Washington Watch' in 'Kicking Asphalt'

- Here's a Great Way to Save Government Money: Fire All of the EPA's Scientists! Nobody's Listening to Them, Anyway


Calif. Firm Hopes to Kickstart U.S. Electric Car Era

(We at Better World Club Think it Would be More Appropriate to "Jumpstart" the U.S. Electric Car Era, but Nobody Asked Us)

by Anupreeta Das

SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - One of Silicon Valley's most prominent venture capital firms unveiled plans on Monday to put as many as 50,000 electric cars on American roads beginning late next year.

The announcement of a new joint venture by Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, which has in the past backed Internet companies such as Google Inc and Inc, could make the famed tech region south of San Francisco a mecca for plug-in cars as well.

To be based in Menlo Park, California, Think North America will bring together Kleiner with clean technology-focused venture capital firm RockPort Capital Management and Think Global, a Norwegian electric car maker. Complete Story

Additional Ways to Get Where You're Going:

A bacterium discovered over 20 years ago can convert trash into ethanol. Sounds kind of like the Mr. Fusion device from 'Back to the Future'.

By the power of Grayskull! 'Common Ground' discusses four new power sources that may or may not use a magical castle as their source.

A new process can convert CO2 emissions into useful products with commercial value. No, the CO2 isn't converted into Hawaii Chairs. We said useful products.

When oxygen atoms go bad: A new report confirms ozone pollution can kill.

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Is Earth Day the New Christmas?

by Jasmin Malik Chua

We didn't think it was possible for Corporate America to co-op and monetize Earth Day, but then again, previous generations probably thought the same about Christmas. Or, in the words of an Advertising Age op-ed: "It's nearly Earth Day: Time to consume more to save the planet. "

Much hue and cry has surrounded Wal-Mart's sudden eco-friendly makeover, but it certainly isn't the lone marketing behemoth exploiting a post-Inconvenient Truth nation's fears. Equally unlikely Earth Day champions now include JCPenney, which recently partnered with green-lifestyle expert Danny Seo to create its "Simply Green" home and fashion line; Banana Republic, which, in addition to launching an "eco" line, will donate 1 percent of sales from April 22 through April 27 to benefit the Trust for Public Land; as well as Macy's, which will offer 10 percent to 20 percent off most merchandise the weekend of April 26 in exchange for a $5 donation to the National Park Foundation.
Complete Story

Accor Hotel Group Launched Week-Long Earth Day Initiatives

This Was A Much Better Idea Than Last Year's I'll-Advised "STD Awareness Month" Promotion

The Accor Hotel Group - which includes Sofitel, Novotel, Motel 6, and others - celebrated Earth Day from April 15th - 22nd with various environmental initiatives.

"Earth Guest Week" programs carried out in roughly 200 hotels worldwide included tree planting, park cleanup, serving organic meals, and offering classes on recycling and organic lifestyles.

You can learn more about Accor's "Earth Guest Week" and also check out Accor's individual hotel chains: / Sofitel / Novotel / ibis Hotel / Accor Hotels / Studio 6 / Motel 6


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