June 2008


Your Senator Needs to Support the Climate Security Act

Bill Would Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions, Reduce Oil Imports, Increase Clean Energy Production and Lead to More Fuel-Efficient Vehicles

The Senate has begun debate this week on the Boxer-Lieberman-Warner Climate Security Act (S. 3036). This bill would cut greenhouse gas emissions by 66% by 2050 via a cap-and-trade system.

Debate on this bill will be fierce, as Senators hostile to the bill are expected to focus on potential costs to consumers and polluting businesses, while ignoring the revenue and new jobs that this bill would provide.

We urge our readers to Drive Change by contacting their Senators and asking them to support this bill.

Victor from The Young and the RestlessWow! The California Waiver Soap Opera Just Got Soap-Oprier!

Latest Surprise Twist: EPA Administrator Stephen L. Johnson May Have Been a Good Guy All Along!

Bush Better Watch Out, Johnson Tell-All Book Could Be In The Works: What Happened At The EPA? Nothing!

Recently surfaced EPA internal documents show that EPA Administrator Stephen L. Johnson actually favored allowing California and 17 other states to regulate their own tailpipe emissions.

This environmentally sound position was reversed, however, after officials at the White House pulled Johnson aside and "discussed" the issue with him. The EPA is an independent agency, and Johnson - like all EPA Administrators - is a presidential appointee, but that does not mean that he is supposed to be taking orders from the White House.

What's shocking about this story isn't the fact that the head of our EPA acts as a mouthpiece for a presidential administration that acts as a mouthpiece for polluting industries. What's truly surprising is the fact that Johnson actually had to have his arm twisted to deny California's waiver request.

Who knows what other pro-environmental tendencies he may be harboring deep in his heart? Perhaps this man - who used to be an executive in the animal testing industry - is secretly a member of PETA? The mind boggles at the possibilities, but then Scott McClelland now says that he disbelieves the very statements he was making in the White House press room.

So Stephen L. Johnson, whether you're hugging trees or whackin' them down with your kick-ass Husky 346XP chainsaw, we will give credit where it's due and thank you for trying. We look forward to your book.

The Story So Far...

If you're new to this soap opera and need to catch up, you can check out last month's ‘Driving Change' petition to learn more about this sordid multi-year saga of adultery, divorce, amnesia, and tailpipe emissions.

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First Numbers on Hybrid Battery Failure

For years, sporadic anecdotes about hybrid battery failures have been reported by individual hybrid drivers. But finally, the automakers are reporting hard numbers about the likelihood of batteries failing after the warranty expired.

With more than 100,000 Honda hybrids on the road, the automaker told Newsweek that fewer than 200 had a battery fail after the warranty expired. Complete Story

Additional Ways to Get Where You're Going:

Bad News Pears: Climate Change is problematic for US agriculture.

Here's this month's Irony Alert! We support cap-and-trade systems (see the lead story in this newsletter), but concerns have been raised in some situations: World's Largest Carbon Market Facilitates Pollution

A new biofuel made from algae proves that Sapphire's a gull's best friend (Get it? Because seagulls get caught in oil spills? Never mind.)

Enter your own fart joke here: City dwellers have fewer emissions.

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Who Build The Electric Car?

Nissan Do

Instead of
crushing and shredding electric cars like American automaker GM, Nissan has made the unusual decision to actually produce them.

Nissan has announced a plan to introduce an all-electric vehicle in the US and Japan by 2010. The car will ultimately be marketed globally by 2012.

Nissan isn't giving any additional details at this time, but we'll keep you posted as information becomes available.

May Car Sales to Show Shift

Detroit Free Press

When automakers report monthly sales results Tuesday, the numbers are likely to show more evidence of a fundamental purchasing shift among U.S. consumers who are abandoning profit-generating pickups, SUVs and luxury vehicles in favor of fuel-efficient cars, including gas-electric hybrids. Complete Story

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