October 2008


Help Californians Get "Green" Auto Insurance

With Your Help, Californians Will be able to Park their Cars In , er, At Home, Save Money on Insurance - and Help the Environment, Too

Step 1: California
Step 2: Nationwide

"Pay as you drive" insurance (PAYD) is an idea long overdue for implementation. PAYD would allow insurance companies to base insurance pricing - in part - on the number of miles driven by an insured. In other words, driving less equals paying less. This is great news for environmentally minded car owners who use public transportation, carpool, or ride a bike to reduce the amount of time they drive.

Better World Club has long supported PAYD insurance, which would do much more than save consumers money. According to the Brookings Institution, a Washington think tank, PAYD could create $52 billion in annual benefits from fewer accidents, reduced traffic and pollution, and less reliance on foreign oil.

The State of California recently committed to allow insurance underwriters to offer PAYD insurance to Californian drivers. However, many underwriters are wary of PAYD, because it's a relatively new product. Thus, PAYD can be sold in California, but there is no guarantee that consumers will actually be able to buy it.

We urge our readers to Drive Change and contact California Insurance Commissioner Steve Poizner and let him know that underwriters should be required to offer PAYD insurance as an option.

Don't live in California? Send this email to a friend who does!

- PAYD on BWC website

The Government Gives $25 Billion to the U.S. Auto Industry

You Think That's Bad for Taxpayers?

What Does It Mean for Conservatism?

by Mitch Rofsky, BWC President

The next time I want to sneak something past my wife, I'll ask the US auto industry to help me out.

While all eyes were on Wall Street over the past two weeks, the auto industry walked off with $25 billion in government money. Apparently, automakers are paying double digit interest rates - when they can get credit - and that's preventing them for re-tooling for the next generation of automobiles.

This isn't the first time that American car companies have come knocking at the door of the U.S. Treasury. Back in 1979, the Chrysler Corporation needed government funding to avoid bankruptcy... Complete Story

More 'Washington Watch' in 'Kicking Asphalt'

- Pelosi Wants to "Save The Earth" Hmm...How About Wanting to "Save Our Economy and Defend Our Country and the Environment"?
- Energy Crisis Raises Questions: Do Conservatives Believe In America?


GM-Chrysler Merger and Hybrid Cars

On Friday, media organizations started running stories about a possible merger of General Motors and Chrysler. We wondered what such a merger would mean for the future of domestic hybrid and plug-in cars so we asked a panel of auto industry analysts. Here's what they had to say. Complete Story

Additional Ways to Get Where You're Going:

Do you think there's any way to use the internet's history to develop clean energy's future? Gosh, if only someone had written an article about it. Oh well. Never mind.

There's plenty of blame to go around: smog is not all cars' fault.

European car makers are asking the EU for $55 billion dollars to produce green cars. No word on whether they'll ask for money to produce blue or yellow cars. (Ba-Dum-Ba!)

Cashing in on the success of the Prius, Toyota announces the Prius Lexus. Other potential ideas include Prius Snow Tires, Prius Energy Drink, and Prius Home Pregnancy Tests.

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Buffett Backs China Green-Auto Venture

No, Not the "Cheeseburger in Paradise" Guy! The Other One, the Guy from Nebraska

Warren Buffett has taken a green leap forward. Des Moines-based MidAmerican Energy, controlled by Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway (BRKA), plans to pay about $231 million for a 10% stake in Chinese auto and battery maker BYD Co. which expects to roll out fully electric cars before the end of next year. Complete Story

Chrysler's Jolt: Three Electric Cars

Auburn Hills, Mich. -- Chrysler LLC on Tuesday disclosed to dealers that it has lost $400 million so far this year, just hours after it unveiled prototypes of new electric cars it hopes will give it an edge in the race to develop battery-powered vehicles. Complete Story


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