October 11, 2010


The Oil Companies Strike Back...California's Climate Change Regulation Saga Continues

Become a "NO on 23 Clean Energy Leader" and Help Save California's Global Warming Solutions Act

Don't Live in California? You Can Still Sign on as a Supporter and then Send this to All of Your Golden State Friends!

It is a dark time for California -- just like it was for the Rebel Alliance after it finally destroyed the Death Star and the Empire struck back. Although implementation of AB 32, the Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006, has begun, the forces of the oil industry have attempted to block Californians' efforts to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions and have pursued them to the ballot.

AB 32 is under attack by big oil, which has funded 97% of the campaign to pass Proposition 23 -- which would suspend California's greenhouse gas emission laws until the state's unemployment, currently 12.3%, drops to 5.5% for four consecutive quarters. See our article on the dirty energy politics behind Proposition 23 in the September edition of Kicking Asphalt. Better World Club has supported AB 32 from the beginning. Supporting California's 2002 legislation to increase fuel economy standards and limit tailpipe emissions was our first campaign.

Defeating Proposition 23 is a major priority of New Voice of Business, which was instrumental in passing AB 32 and where BWC President Mitch Rofsky is a director. Help drive change by joining the coalition to stop Prop 23 through New Voice of Business partner (And then vote NO on 23 if you live in California.) Not in California? You can still sign on as a supporter! But once you've done that, forward this email to a friend (in California, if you've got one).

Want to take a more active role? When you join you'll also have the chance to become a "NO on 23 Clean Energy Leader." New Voice of Business has set a goal of recruiting 2,000 leaders. By choosing to become a leader, you'll get the most up-to-date information about NO on 23, a personalized NO on 23 webpage, and access to a full online tool suite that will help you take part in volunteer activities like sharing information with friends, calling your neighbors right from home to spread the word, and hosting and attending special events for NO on 23. Join now.

From Green America: Then -- War Bonds. Today -- Clean Energy Bonds!

Show Congress that Americans are Ready to Invest in Clean Energy

Despite constant reminders like the Gulf oil spill that fossil fuels are dirty and expensive, the US is 10th in the world in investments in clean energy as a percentage of the national economy. Investments in clean energy and energy efficiency will create jobs, energy independence, cleaner cities and towns, and reduce our climate change emissions.

Clean Energy Victory Bonds (CEVBs) are an effective method for spurring investment in a prosperous and sustainable future. Americans could purchase Clean Energy Victory Bonds from the U.S Treasury to help fund the rapid deployment of renewable energy development projects and energy efficiency upgrades.

Help Green America show Congress that Americans are in favor of Clean Energy Victory Bonds by visiting the Green America website and completing their quick survey on how much you'd invest were CEVBs available for purchase.

Green America is a not-for-profit membership organization founded in 1982 that went by the name Co-op America until January 1, 2009. Its mission is to harness economic power -- the strength of consumers, investors, businesses, and the marketplace -- to create a socially just and environmentally sustainable society.

Green America works on issues of social justice and environmental responsibility, seeing those issues as completely linked in the quest for a sustainable world. It's what they mean when they say "green." Better World Club is proud to share that vision and to partner with Green America in the pursuit of its mission.

Find out more about Green America's work. Or get involved by joining as a member.

More "Washington Watch" in Kicking Asphalt

- BWC Joins Reagan Secretary of State George Schultz and Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger in Opposing CA Prop 23


They Say Everything in Moderation. But Will That Help Temper Climate Change?

"Lessons From the Climate Fight: ‘Moderate' is Meaningless"

by David Roberts,

The Senate is basically an oligarchic institution, so it's no huge surprise that many senators gave more weight to the interests of fossil-fuel industries than they did to the public interest in mitigating climate change and developing clean energy. Oil and gas groups outspent green groups 7 to 1 -- and that doesn't count Big Coal money. Exxon alone outspent all green groups together.

Still, even for a cynic like me, it's striking just how little moral weight climate change carries in the Senate. As in, none. There's absolutely no sense of urgency, no sense that there's anything to risk by being crass and cavalier about it. Senators who claim to accept the basic scientific facts are dubbed "moderate" even as they go on to treat climate policy with all the seriousness of an earmark haggle.

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Additional Ways to Get Where You're Going:

What's that?!? Oh. Just the sound of a completely backwards manufacturing economy.

Today Dane County, WI, tomorrow the world! (EV charging infrastructure is taking root in the Midwest.)
Trying to stay off the grid? Charge it yourself with a little elbow grease. Your cell phone, that is.

If you would like to contribute your opinion to Driving Change's 'Giving Directions' please email it to us at


New Study Names Honda as the Greenest Automaker

by Christopher Jensen,

Honda has the greenest vehicles in the United States, with Toyota and Hyundai tying for second place, according to a study released on Thursday by the Union of Concerned Scientists, a nonprofit advocacy group.

The results were calculated using the predicted impact of the automakers' fleets on global warming based largely on miles per gallon -– as well as the smog-forming emissions of the engines.

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U.S. Plug-in Vehicle Manufacturers, Battery Makers Face Serious Export Hurdles

(So You Should Buy an American EV)

by Eric Loveday,

U.S.-based plug-in vehicle producers and battery makers are faced with a problem of epic proportions. A recent report released by the subscription news service ClimateWire suggests that U.S.-made electric cars – and the associated high-tech li-ion batteries produced on U.S. soil – face a maze of export restrictions that will force many of the companies to set up shop abroad.

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Designer Creates Fake Rocks That Help Save Water

by Jennifer Hattam,

Putting a brick or a bottle filled with pebbles in your toilet tank is well known as an easy way to save water -- about a half a gallon with each flush. But sometimes a little style is needed to entice people to take such basic measures -- something designer Rochus Jacob provides with his latest elegantly simple creation.

A shortlisted entry in the Incheon International Design Award (IIDA) 2010 competition, Jacob's "water displacement objects" are as straightforward as they sound: white, rounded stone-like pieces of recycled plastic that allow people to take a full bath with 50 percent less water.

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