April 27, 2012


Better World Club to Offer Bicycle Insurance!

New Program to be One of the First in America

The Better World Club will soon be offering one of the nation's only bike insurance policies. Until this year, cyclists in the U.S. could only obtain protection piecemeal through their auto, homeowner, or health insurance. We are thrilled to announce that we will soon be adding bike-specific insurance to our already-groundbreaking nationwide bicycle roadside assistance program. It will include both medical and liability coverage, with optional coverage available for property damage and theft.

We could use your help to get this program up and spinning! If you're a cyclist, please answer a few questions about our bike insurance by clicking here.

If you know other cyclists or local bike organizations who might be interested, spread the word.

We fight for everyone's right to use the road, and for their right to be safe while doing so. We've supported safe passing laws, opposed the removal of bike and pedestrian infrastructure funding, and worked with the League of American Bicyclists to provide great incentives to our non-driving members. Now that we've convinced insurers to give cyclists the same protection as motorists, we're ready to show the nation that "alternative" transit doesn't have to mean facing four lanes of traffic with only a helmet to protect you.

Join Us in the National Bike Challenge!

We're Throwing Down the Gauntlet and Stepping Up to the Plate

Not to mention mixing metaphors. But seriously, folks! An alliance of heavy-hitting bike organizations (including our obvious crush, the League of American Bicyclists) has started a new nation-wide bicycle commute challenge. The program runs May 1 to August 31, and has the goal of uniting 50,000 people to bike 10 million miles. We aren't sure if they're ambitious or crazy, but either way, we want in on the action. We've signed up a team, and think you should do the same! The user-friendly website helps you track your miles, and participants can win prizes ranging from water bottles to cycling trips through California's wine country. We have our corkscrew multi-tool all sharpened and ready. Click here to read more!

Check Out Our Recent Write-Up in Common Ground Magazine

- Better World Club: An Auto Club For Environmentalists

Additional Ways to Get Where You're Going:

Rideshare: Facebook has a yen to share your personal information, so why not re-purpose it to find compatible roadtrip partners? Ridejoy and Zimride are both recently-founded sites that use social networking to arrange safe trips between strangers.

Carshare: Use Getaround to rent your car out to others, or rent cars from your neighbors! It's not as weird as you think.
Toolshare: A growing number of tool lending libraries are popping up across the United States. Why buy a $300 miter saw you'll use a handful of times a year, when you can go pick one up from the library instead? Tool libraries save money, reduce redundancy, and give you more space in your garage.

If you would like to contribute your opinion to Driving Change's "Giving Directions" please email it to us at


Biofuel Powers Boeing 787 Across The Pacific

by Paul Willis,

A Boeing 787 Dreamliner has made aviation history by completing the first ever transpacific biofuel flight.

The Boeing, operated by All Nippon Airways (ANA), flew between Boeing's Delivery Center in Everett, Wash., and Tokyo's Haneda Airport. It was powered by a mix of regular aviation fuel and biofuels, made mainly from used cooking oil.

According to Boeing, the plane emitted an estimated 30 percent less carbon dioxide emissions compared to similarly sized airplanes using conventional jet fuel. Boeing said the reduction in emissions was helped in large part by technological improvements in the Dreamliner. Of the reduction in greenhouse gasses, the aircraft maker said about 10 percent could be put down to the use of biofuels and around 20 percent to efficiency advances on the plane itself.

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Car emissions claim more UK lives than road accidents, study finds

by Clickgreen Staff,

Emissions from cars, lorries, planes and power stations causes 13,000 premature deaths in the UK each year, according to a new study by MIT researchers.

The research team analyzed data from 2005, the most recent year for which information is available. They found that among the various sources of emissions in the country, car and truck exhaust was the single greatest contributor to premature death, affecting some 3,300 people per year.

By comparison, the researchers note, fewer than 3,000 Britons died in road accidents in 2005.

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Cost of Advanced Lithium-Ion Batteries for EVs Dropped 14% Last Year, 30% Since 2009

by Michael Graham Richard,

Nothing is more important for the long-term success of electric cars than a steady reduction in the cost of advanced batteries. It's like compound interest; for a while, these small incremental improvements don't seem like much, but after a number of years you've got double what you had before (or the same thing, but at half the price).

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