Driving Change March 2014


Better World Club Encourages Businesses and Individuals in California to Back Senate Bill 916

California Senate Bill 916 Looks To Take Some of the Grease Out of American Politics...

OK, so maybe not politics, but out of your streets and waterways!

California State Senator, Lou Correa, has introduced a bill aimed at supporting the growth of cleaner energy technology and decreasing the environmental impact of local and state fleets.

Used motor oil (new or recycled) is the largest volume of hazardous waste generated in California. Approximately 60 million gallons of traditional oil are discarded, burned, or dripped into streets and parking lots every year. An estimated 14 to 16 million gallons of motor oil are illegally dumped, ending up in rivers, streams, and lakes, degrading drinking water supplies, and adding to storm water and coastal pollution.

Senate Bill 916 will gradually phase in the use of biosynthetic lubricating oil in California.

Better World Club believes SB 916 is a smart measure that addresses the state's contribution to a largely ignored environmental problem (which shows leadership) and supports the development of cleaner and greener alternatives to oil.

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In The News

Surprise Pick For Best Car of 2014

Tesla scores a big victory for electric cars as they break into the auto market.


By Sam Frizell

Tesla Model S landed at the top of Consumer Reports' highly regarded annual top-10 autos list.

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Washington Watch

Billionaires Influencing the Politics of Climate Change.


Third Grader, Alice Bellwether, asks her Social Studies teacher if "checks and balances" is now talking about money.

Hush your valid concerns, Alice. Captain Planet has some work to do.

By Noah Grunzweig

The amount of money spent to influence campaigns has more than quadrupled in recent years to nearly $1 Billion dollars spent during the 2012 campaign season. Wealthy political donors, like the Koch brothers, have heavily funded campaigns supporting lower personal and corporate taxes, minimal social services and less oversight of industry - in particular environmental regulation.

Billionaire, Tom Steyer, is now also joining the fray, but his focus is on Climate Change.

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Positive News

100% Renewable Energy Is Feasible and Affordable

Engineers find one flaw in the 2050 proposal: dusty wooden cogs in our social and political decision making.

Renewable Energy by 2050

Written By: Cameron Scott

One of the greatest promises of the high-tech future, whether made explicitly or implicitly through shiny clean concept sketches, is that we will have efficient energy that doesn't churn pollutants into the air and onto the streets.

Stanford University researchers led by civil engineer Mark Jacobson have developed detailed plans for each state in the union that to move to 100 percent wind, water and solar power by 2050 using only technology that's already available.

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Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

Wonder Bag: Get One, and One is Given Away to a Family in Need. ( Video)

African innovation shows us again that innovative steps forward don't always include a rechargable battery pack.

Sometimes innovations in cooking seem like they're only for chefs, or at the very least people with the coin to drop on an immersion circulator. Rarely does something hit the market that is affordable, amazing, brand new and totally practical for the home cook. That is exactly how we'd describe the Wonderbag.

Originally invented by founder Sarah Collins in South Africa with the intention of conserving cooking energy in developing nations, this cordless, power-free, gas-free slow cooker might just change the way we slow-cook forever.

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Better Living

15 Ways to Cut Down Your Driving Time

Saving gas also saves time and life.

By Noah Grunzweig

It can be difficult to see the environmental effects from your personal driving habits (You're just one person, right?). You can, however, feel the value of your homes raising or falling, congestion of streets, and the health (tense much?) or quality of life (want more time with your family or friends?) changes from how much time we all spent behind the wheel.

Making a small change in your driving habits, such as when you use your car, can add up to less traffic in our neighborhoods, better air quality, and even safer streets.

Here are some interesting facts about the impacts of driving as well as 15 ways to cut down your drive time and enjoy more life.

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