January 18, 2008

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Plant a Tree the Next Time You Buy a Book

BWC Members Receive 15% Discount at Eco-Libris!

We know you love books. Who doesn't? But what about all the trees that are used to produce the paper for these books? About 20 million trees are being cut down EVERY YEAR to produce the books sold in the U.S. alone.

What can you do about it? How you can go green? Plant a tree for every book you read! Complete Story

Tea light holders made from bicycle cogs and freewheels

Redecorate With "ReCycled" Pieces

BWC Members Receive 10% Discount on Resource Revival Products!

Resource Revival is a small, Oregon-based company that collects tons of discarded bicycle parts every year from bike shops all over the United States. The company then cleans them using mild detergents, sorts them into more categories than you can possibly imagine, and crafts them into the cool products that you see on its website. Complete Story

Follow JC Into an Auto Parts Paradise

BWC Members Receive a 10% Discount with JC Whitney

JC Whitney, founded in 1915, is one of the world's largest automotive aftermarket suppliers and is dedicated to helping their customers keep their vehicles in top running condition. That translates into better fuel economy and performance for a cleaner environment. Complete Story

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Gas-Saving Tips
The Zen Philosopher Basho Once Wrote: "A Flute with No Holes is not a Flute...and a Tire with No Holes is a Blessing"

Or Something Like That

- Put your best wheels in front. The front of the car is generally heavier than the back, so any imperfections in the front wheels are magnified, increasing rolling resistance and lowering fuel efficiency. Complete Story
Top Story
Better World Club Invites You To Syndicate 'Kicking Asphalt'

C'mon, If 'The Nanny' Can Be Syndicated, Then Why Not Us?

We may not have Fran Drescher's dulcet voice or snappy fashion sense, but we're just as obnoxious and at least 1.5 times as informative: 'Kicking Asphalt' provides useful information like BWC's Alternative Fuel Report, High-Mileage Car Reviews, Washington Watch, Gas-Saving Tips, Lemon Information, Recall Information, and much, much, more.

And, hey, we're not proud. We'll let anyone syndicate. Sure, KA's content is perfect for environmentally-focused magazines, websites, and newsletters, but neighborhood associations, personal blogs, and other auto clubs can also use our content (on second thought, maybe not that last group). Whether you're looking for content for your website, newsletter, or pending lawsuit, 'Kicking Asphalt' is a great source for all things automotive, political, and environmental.

Signing up for syndication is fast and it's FREE. Click here to read our beautiful syndication invitation--extremely tasteful, just like Kicking Asphalt.

Read Last Issue's Top Story:

- Better World Club Passes 20,000 Member Mark!

The Year In Review

Just When You Thought You Were Done with 2007...

2007 was full of notable events for BWC - our five year anniversary, surpassing the 20,000 member mark, multiple improvements to our carbon offset program, as well as multiple restraining orders from the publishers of 'Playgirl' magazine (see headline below for more details).

Here's a look back at some of the headlines from 2007, just in case you missed them the first time:

- BWC to Expand Services to Help Members Offset Annual Driving, Flying, and More
- Massachusetts Renews Better World Insurance 8% Discount
- 'Kicking Asphalt' Is Going Bi-Weekly!
- Better World CEO Mitch Rofsky Poses Nude For Playgirl Magazine!
- BWC Offers 10% Insurance Discount to Hybrid Drivers
- BWC Begins Publishing Recall and Lemon Info
- 80% Of You Love Us! You Really Love Us! Better World Club's Renewal Rate Hit 80% In February
- The Next Great Innovation in Auto Insurance: Pay by the Mile aka Pay As You Drive (PAYD)
- Rush Limbaugh Hates Carbon Offsets
- Know Where The Nearest Krispy Kreme Is Located, But Can't Find A Charging Station For Your Electric Car?
- Happy Birthday To Us! Better World Club Turns Five Years Old!
- 'Kicking Asphalt' Readers Received Free CDs From Universal Music!
- Mitch Rofsky Advocates Unorthodox "Sky Trust"
- New Carbon Calculators!
- Universal Auto Insurance?
- Better World Club Announces Carbon Offset Contributions
- Better World Club Makes All Of Your Wildest Dreams Come True! (As Long as Your Wildest Dreams Involve a New and Improved Car Rental Booking Engine)
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Try Our Spiffy Multi-Purpose Booking Engine

TravelCool Website of the Month
"Don't Have a Car, Man!"

BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) does more than just give you a good excuse to leave your car at home - they also give away free stuff! Their website, myBART.org, sends out a free weekly email full of entertainment news, ticket giveaways and big discounts to events happening close to BART stations. Check it out at www.myBART.org

If You Liked That Site...

Be sure to take a peek at our 'Bodacious Page of Travel Links and Resources'. Our travel links page sports a crazy HUGE number of links, so if you're planning some travel this is a great resource.

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Washington Watch
How's Your EPA Lawsuit Going?

Didn't Know You Were Suing? Everybody's Doing It!

OK, Not Everybody, But Most of the US Population

Don't Get Left Out...

16 States -- Arizona, California, Connecticut, Delaware, Illinois, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Vermont and Washington -- and 5 environmental groups: the Conservation Law Foundation, Environmental Defense, the International Center for Technology Assessment, the Natural Resources Defense Counsel and the Sierra Club -- are all lining up to sue the pants off of the Environmental Protection Agency.

They are challenging the EPA's decision to deny California a waiver to pass its own auto emissions rules, which is provided for under the Clean Air Act. Regarding air pollution, the act allows states to follow California rules or federal rules, so long as the federal government grants California a waiver.

Generally, federal law permits the federal government to authorize states to vary from state regulations--when the state regulations are stronger than federal law. The EPA has approved roughly 50 waivers since 1970.

In this case, EPA administrator Stephen L. Johnson contended that last month's Energy Bill increases vehicle fuel efficiency so much as to render the waiver unnecessary.

The EPA's decision to deny California and the other states the right to adopt tougher emissions standards made these lawsuits inevitable.

So good luck with your suit -- unless, of course, you manage an auto company.

More 'Washington Watch' in Kicking Asphalt and Driving Change
- Energy Bill Passes Unanimously and Signed by President After All Provisions Are Removed
- Do-Over: Appeals Court Forces Bush Administration to Rewrite Auto Regs--Again!
Save 10% On Auto Insurance!

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You Can Receive a 10% Discount on your Auto Insurance!

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Offset Your Carbon Emissions!
When it comes to carbon emissions, we all know that it's best to simply not pollute in the first place (would it kill you to ride your bike occasionally?), but prevention isn't always possible. Thus, we recommend offsetting your carbon emissions if you have to drive or fly. Here's how:

1.) Precisely determine the carbon footprint of your air travel.
2.) Easily and precisely offset the greenhouse gas emissions of your automobile (or to offset the emissions beyond the first 2,000 miles of driving if you are a Better World Club insurance client.)

Special Events
The World Congress on Neck Pain Addresses the Issue of Safer Auto Head Restraints

January 20-22 in Los Angeles

Click here for more details.

BWC Alternative Fuel Report
Not Unlike a Balsamic Vinegar Reduction, Fuel Price Volatility Simmers Down

Gas is up a little and Diesel is down a little




























Nationally, fuel prices are leveling off, after months of a record-high buildup. Over the past two weeks, gasoline and E85 Ethanol prices rose $0.03 and $0.04, respectively. Petro-Diesel and B20 Biodiesel dipped $0.02 and $0.04, respectively. B99 Biodiesel prices - like the aging former high-school quarterback who still tries to go to prom - remained the same.





























Regionally, prices in the Midwest have been the most volatile, with B20 prices falling $0.06, while E85 prices jumped up $0.13.

Do you have an unnatural interest in fuel prices? Are you a fan of tables filled with important-looking numbers? If so, we recommend finding a healthier hobby (shaking your prosthetic hook in the air in impotent rage as your arch nemesis - a kid in green tights - flies triumphantly away, etc.), or you can feed your fetish by checking out BWC's previous Alternative Fuel Report "Like The Eagle, Fuel Prices Soar" as published in the November 19th issue of 'Kicking Asphalt'.

BWC High-Mileage Review
The Honda FitYou'd be Amazed at What You Can Fit in There...

The Honda Fit

Have you ever been to the circus and seen the bit where 50 or so clowns pile out of a tiny car? That's the Honda Fit (minus the ubiquitous banana cream pies and balloon animals).

The Fit was first introduced in Japan in 2001 and has been slowly introduced in every market since. It finally became available in the US in April 2006, being introduced as a 2007 model.

The Fit is Honda's lowest-priced car, supplanting the ever-popular Civic for that distinction. In fact, if you're thinking about a Civic, you may want to look at the Fit. Complete Story

Recall Information
October Recalls

You can check out the complete List of October Recalls, or go directly to a particular manufacturer:

Action Auto Body / Blue Bird / BMW / Chrysler / Coachman / Ducati / Fleetwood / Fleetwood Folding Trailer / Forest River / Foreteravel / GM / GM Daewoo Auto & Technology Company / Goshen Coach / Hino / International / J&L Cargo Express / KES / Kawasaki / Keystone / Mack / Mercedes-Benz / Monaco / NRC Modifications / National RV / Newmar / Paccar / Pierce / Progressive Trailers / R-Vision / Saleen / Scott Health & Safety / Starcraft / US Bus / Utilimaster / Viking RV / Volvo / Winnebago

Lemon Information
2007 Subaru OutbackThe 2007 Subaru Outback

Better World Club's "Lemon Information" highlights consumer complaints from a different car model each month. We are not editorializing or claiming that these cars are necessarily lemons. Instead, we are merely providing information and ask readers to form their own opinions.

Component: Steering

Complaint: The vehicle suddenly veered to the left while driving on the highway with the cruise control set to 60 mph, causing the car to run into a guardrail. Complete List of 2007 Subaru Outback consumer complaints.


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