October 2006


Enjoy 'Clean' Travel with BWC and AdventureSmith

BWC Members Receive a 5% Discount on All AdventureSmith Cruises

Traveling can be a dirty business. We're not just talking about the Byzantine bathroom rituals found in exotic locales, or the occasional need to shoot a man while passing through Memphis. What truly makes travel a dirty business are the greenhouse gasses emitted through the burning of fossil fuels.

Jets, ships, cars, and hotels all emit carbon into the atmosphere, thus contributing to global warming. Travel accounts for over 30% of greenhouse gas emissions worldwide. This creates a dilemma for the would-be tourist: how do you go out to see nature without helping to destroy it? The answer: AdventureSmith Explorations and Better World Club!

AdventureSmith Explorations is an adventure travel company that specializes in using sailboats, yachts, and small ships to access and experience nature and wildlife up close. They have calculated the amount of carbon emitted by their small ship cruise passengers each year. Using their ‘Carbon Free Cruising' campaign, they have completely neutralized those emissions.

Better World Club offers a similar carbon offset program that helps travelers minimize their ‘carbon footprint'. BWC also offers members a 5% discount on all AdventureSmith trips.

So, if you want to paddle among icebergs in Alaska, watch whales by zodiac in Baja, share the canopy with monkeys in Costa Rica, snorkel with sea lions in the Galapagos Islands, or cruise to Antarctica in both guilt-free and carbon-free style, then contact AdventureSmith Explorations and book a trip.

People Other Than Our Moms Read Our Newsletters!

And, Apparently They're Helpful

We featured the BWC "Bio-Beetle" discount in the July issue of TravelCool. The discount was then reprinted in the September issue of Kicking Asphalt, BWC's flagship enewsletter. Here's a testimonial from a member who recently used their service:

I'm writing this in response to your latest Kicking Ashpalt Newsletter. You solicited a review from you customers on High Milieage /Bio-Diesel cars. My husband and I recently rented a Bio-Beetle from Bio Beetle Maui. (LA division) We rented it Sept 28-October 2nd. Complete story.

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Green Tomato Cars

For all your "London-hybrid-towncar-for-hire" needs:

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Places To Avoid On Your Next Vacation

World's Pollution Hotspots Mapped

A US-based Environmental Charity has Documented What it Calls the 10 Most Polluted Places on the Planet

BBC News

The Blacksmith Institute says three of the hotspots are in Russia, with the remainder dotted in various countries.

Heavy metals such as lead are the main sources of pollution, with 10 million people affected across the locations.

The institute surveyed scientists and environmental bodies across the world to compile its list, and is running clean-up projects in some of the sites. Complete Story


Mamma Mia! Sweden Encourages Use Of Flex-Fuel Autos!

BWC Encourages Eco-Savvy Travelers To Visit Gas Guzzlers' Waterloo

Those clever Scandinavians. First, they discovered Greenland, and now this. The Swedish government is pushing hard to promote alternative fuels and clean cars. They're offering tax incentives and free parking for consumers buying clean cars, and requiring gas stations to provide alternative fuel options.

The Swedes are focusing primarily on Ethanol on the fuel side, and flexible-fuel vehicles (cars that run on both gas and ethanol) on the automotive side.

As the old saying goes, "The winner takes it all". In this case, both Swedish consumers, and incredibly, the auto manufacturers are winners. "Had it not been for those incentives, the market would not have taken off," said Nils Lekeberg, marketing manager of Ford Sweden. Though Ford is not doing so well here in the US, in Sweden, half of Ford's car sales come from flex-fuel vehicles.

We at BWC like to encourage our members to use their buying power to support folks who are doing the right thing for the environment, whether it be an eco-friendly resort, or, as in this case, an eco-friendly country. If Sweden could talk, it would say, "Take a chance on me and come visit!"


TravelCool Tips of the Month:

The Important Non-Existential Questions One Should Ask At The Car Rental Counter

1) You should ask how much time it will take to return the car and make it back to your flight, as well as the return location. This, of course, does not apply if instead of returning the car, you plan to go on a cross-country crime spree/voyage of discovery, ŕ la Thelma & Louise. For that scenario, we do recommend you pay the extra twenty bucks and get the maximum rental car insurance coverage. Your beneficiaries will thank you for it.

2) If the rental company provides free maps of the area, you should take one. If not, then just tell them to "wing it" and wave your hand in the air in a vague kind of way. Wait to see what they do after that. You won't get a map, but their response might be amusing. This is also a good time to ask for directions to your hotel, assuming you haven't yet soured the relationship between you and the car rental clerk. Bring along your hotel's address since the big chains often have several of their hotels on the same major roads. Complete Story

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