September 2006


Finca Rosa Blanca Country Inn

BWC Members Receive up to 20% Off Their Stay at the Eco-Friendly Hotel in Costa Rica

Finca Rosa Blanca Country Inn is situated above the beautiful Central Valley of Costa Rica. Surrounded by towering "Higuerón" trees and exotic flora, the Inn offers spectacular views of volcanoes, cloud forests and coffee plantations. Nestled in 10 acres amid hundreds of fruit trees and dramatic tropical flora is the enchanted Finca Rosa Blanca Country Inn, a jewel crowning a picturesque knoll.

Finca Rosa Blanca Country Inn is owned and operated by Teri and Glenn Jampol. Glenn is an artist and builder; Teri is an excellent chef, culling from her garden organically grown strawberries and asparagus.

Finca Rosa Blanca has the highest rating in Costa Rica for sustainable tourism (5 green leaves) and cultivates its own organic coffee on its 20-acre organic coffee farm for the use of the hotel guests.

Finca Rosa Blanca's attention to detail is unparalleled in Costa Rica, and the personal care that staff members show to its guests is legendary, with a ratio of one staff member for every two guests.

Sound good? Click here to get more info on the Finca Rosa Blanca Country Inn (don't forget the 20% discount for BWC members!).

Better World Club Launches Page with Hundreds of Travel Links

More than You Can Find Anywhere Else in One Place?

We announced the launch of our new travel links page in last month's Kicking Asphalt enewsletter. Read the complete story and check out all the links!

Seasonal Travel Specials

Autumn: Changing Leaves, Wine, and Mediterranean Getaways

Boston Vermont Napa/Sonoma

Vancouver, BC Rome Barcelona

TravelCool Website of the Month:

Level Orange will make you blue if you get stuck in a security line at the airport. Check security wait times at your airport before you go. is a great source of news for all things that might hold you up at the airport.

Additional Links
and Resources

- Get in Shape and Tour the Continent with "Euro-Bike and Walking Tours"
- Park and Fly: Get a 20% BWC Member discount with
- Have genetically-modified bananas from Wal-Mart lost their appeal? Click this link to find a farmers market near you.
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"Your Papers, Please"

Passport Requirements Will Include Children, Too

A Trip to Canada, Mexico or Islands Could Cost $358 for a Family of Four

Hearst News Service

WASHINGTON New anti-terrorism rules soon will require American children under the age of 16 to obtain $82 U.S. passports to return home by air or sea from visits to Canada, Mexico or the Caribbean.

The children are among the estimated 22 million U.S. travelers to neighboring nations each year who will be required for the first time to present U.S. passports to U.S. Customs and Border Protection Agency agents upon returning to the United States. Complete Story


Benevolent Virgin

Richard Branson Pledges $3 Billion To Fight Global Warming

Don't Have $3 Billion To Spare? You Can Do Your Part By Offsetting Your Carbon Emissions With Better World Club

British billionaire Sir Richard Branson, founder of Virgin Records, Virgin Airlines, Virgin Mobile, Virgin Cola, the Virgin Islands (?), and countless other "Virginal" products, is an entrepreneurial icon. Branson has just added another item to his impressive resume: Super-Mega Philanthropy (our term, not Sir Richard's).

Branson has pledged $3 billion over the next decade to combat global warming. His share of the profits from Virgin's transportation and airline sectors will fund the contribution.

So, if you have to fly somewhere, fly Virgin and support the fight against global warming. You can search for inexpensive Virgin flights using Better World Club's online booking engine. To choose a Virgin flight, simply click on "Airline and Non-Stop Options" under the "Advanced Search Options" in the middle of the page.

Commercial flying releases over 1,700 pounds of greenhouse gases into the air per passenger. However, you can further mitigate the damage done to the environment with TravelCool!, Better World Club's carbon offset program.

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TravelCool Tips of the Month:

Some Ways To Protect Your Film, and by Extension, Your Vacation Memories

After All, You Don't Want to Deprive Your Family of the Joy of Watching Your Vacation Slideshow, Complete With Thirty Pictures of Identical-Looking Cathedrals

1) All your film is at risk, but high-speed film is the most susceptible to damage (as opposed to slow-moving films, like anything by Ingmar Bergman).

2) We don't recommend packing your film in your carry-on luggage. With stronger bomb detection devices, your film is now more likely to get fried. After all, you don't want your pho-tos to become pho-toast! [Oh, stop groaning. That was a really clever pun.]

3) Buy special carrying cases designed for protecting film. That's the easy part. The hard part is trying to remember where you stored the carrying cases before you travel. Try looking in the closet. No, not that closet, the one at the top of the stairs. You know, the one with all the old shoes in it that you're never going to wear again. Speaking of which, you live in Georgia, do you really need moon boots?

4) You can ask for a manual inspection in the United States and some foreign airports to avoid the x-rays if you place your film in your carry-on bag. This should not be confused with the annual inspection that your doctor performs. [For once, we decided to take the moral high road and not include a "Hernia Test" joke here.]

5) Walkthrough and hand wand security devices shouldn't affect your film. And, who knows? After an extensive manual pat-down by security personnel, you might even have made a new friend.

6) Your best bet is to buy the film after you arrive and develop it before you go. This may not be the cheapest route, but it is the best guarantee to keep your memories safe. (Sorry, no tips on taking good pictures that don't make you look like your Aunt Rose.)

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