February 2007


Healthy Highways: The Traveler's Guide to Healthy Eating

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Healthy Highways, from noted food writers Nikki & David Goldbeck, contains listings for 1,900 healthy eateries and natural food stores in the US.

State maps and directions guide you to each one and save gas. Eating low on the food chain is good for you and helps reduce global warming. (More about this on our website.)

Healthy Highways belongs in every glove compartment, suitcase and backpack!

As seen in the New York Times, USA Today, Prevention, Organic Style, Frommer's Budget Traveler and, E magazine.

Go to the Healthy Highways website and take advantage of your 10% BWC Member discount! Coupon Code: 'BWC'.

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Tired of waking every morning to your mother bursting into your bedroom and singing 'Rise and Shine' while performing an impromptu dance number*? Check out Mr. Wakeup to find out more about wakeup calls, daily reminders, medication reminders, and all sorts of time management services.
[*Sadly, one BWC staffer suffered this very same wakeup routine throughout a large chunk of his childhood.]


Airlines' Wrongs Make Travelers' Rights?

U.S. Legislators to Introduce Airline Passengers Law

By Chris Dolmetsch and Jordan Burke

U.S. lawmakers say they will introduce bills establishing rights for airline travelers after JetBlue Airways Corp. passengers were forced to sit on planes for as long as 10 hours during an ice storm last week.

Senator Barbara Boxer and Representative Michael Thompson, both Democrats from California, say their legislation would require airlines to provide passengers with adequate food, water and restroom facilities during delays. Complete Story


Not-So-Shining Star

Starwood Hotels Group Refuses To Report On Climate Change

A group of well-heeled investors recently announced the formation of a Climate Watch List, a list of companies that are not considering climate change in their business plans. The investors have filed shareholder resolutions with the intention of encouraging the companies to address the issue.

A record 42 shareholder resolutions were filed this year. One recipient was Starwood Hotel & Resorts Worldwide, Inc.. Starwood was dinged for refusing to address climate change with shareholders.

We at TravelCool and Better World Club feel that responsible consumers should use their "buying power" to support responsible companies. Until Starwood complies with its shareholders' wishes and devises a climate change plan, we recommend avoiding their family of hotels: Four Points by Sheraton, Sheraton, aloft, W Hotels, Le Meridien, The Luxury Collection of Starwood Hotels and Resorts, Westin, and St. Regis.

For more eco-friendly options, you can check out Better World Club's eco-lodging page, or, if you're feeling fancy, take a look at Virgin's "Limited Edition" luxury resorts (Sir Richard Branson is donating $3 Billion from Virgin Airlines to combat global warming).


TravelCool Tips of the Month:

Cycling Not Just For Missionaries and Miss Gulch

It doesn't matter if you're thinking of getting into cycling, or if you just like reading tips about cycling: Either way, provoking a badger is always a bad idea. Equally nonsensical would be your refusal to follow the tried-and-true cycling tips below.

1) Reduce the tire pressure to about half when you take your bike on an airplane. That way, if the remaining air in your tires expands during the flight you won't get a blowout. Leave any CO2 cartridges at home. They should not be stowed in the non-pressurized cargo areas and you are likely to be hassled by security if you try to transport them in your carry-on. Instead, buy CO2 cartridges at your destination.

2) Replace your helmet on a regular basis, even if you've never crashed. Most manufacturers recommend replacement after seven years, but it really depends on the amount of wear-and-tear it has experienced: how often it's been used, exposure to the elements, any sort of impact from a crash, etc. You know it's time to replace when the colors fade, the lamination peels, or internal foam starts warping.

3) If you're one of those people who can't just bike somewhere, but actually needs to drive and then bike, be careful with how you rack your bike. Check the rack installation before loading your bike up. The rack itself can loosen over time, so you want to make sure it is securely attached. For longer trips, it's a good idea to stop every so often and check the bike and rack. Never, ever, leave your bike unlocked and unattended at stops.

Additional Tips

Need to kill a Yuan-ti Spellcaster? Try smiting her with a silver dagger (preferably one with a Keen enchantment). Need to read more travel tips from Better World Club? Click Here.

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