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The Evolving Self is an e-newsletter that reflects the belief that growth is a choice that can bring an ever deepening and expanding awareness of who we are and what we are here for. The reader can expect affirmations, quotes, book reviews, insightful commentary and tips that support the growth of the individual.

Leap of Faith/Attitude of Gratitude

Affirmation: I am so grateful for the sweet flow of life, joy, health, prosperity and unconditional love. 

Quote:  "There are two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle." -Albert Einstein

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Certified Aromatherapist

As a Certified Aromatherapist, I am qualified to make custom blends to address various health concerns and skin issues. Many aromatherapy blends also have a quality of emotional support as well. If you are interested in custom blends and/or coaching along with aromatherapy solutions, please email me at

Example of a custom blend: I had a client complaining of Candida, which is overgrowth of yeast in the digestive system. I created an Anti-Fungal Candida Lotion. It contained Coconut Oil which is good for itchy, sensitive skin, Clove, which has anti-fungal properties and actually has the ability to cause the cell wall of fungus to rupture. Lavender for its anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal and skin nourishing properties. Tea Tree which is anti-fungal, anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory. Sandalwood and Rosemary which supports the liver in detoxing.

The client reported that within a couple of days of using the blend 4x's/day, she noticed a significant reduction in sugar cravings.








Leap of Faith

Have you ever visualized a change you wanted to make and then years later realized that that vision is now your reality? Many years ago as I worked in corporate hi-tech in Silicon Valley, I had such a vision.

I was working for a telecommunications company. At the time, telecommunications was a declining industry as technology was shifting from digital to VOIP.  For perhaps, ten years, I came to work everyday, did my job, enjoyed the friendships with my co-workers, did the job I was being paid to do but felt something was missing from my life. At one point, I had a realization: I wanted to make a difference in the lives of others, but had absolutely no idea how to do that from where I was or how to get to a place where I could do that.

Through many efforts to figure out my future, I became aware that I needed to let go of the "Golden Paycheckthat provided me apparent security (amid lay offs,) benefits, etc. I finally became clear, however that I needed to let go of all that to move in a different direction and within a month, I was laid off. I'll never forget all the wonderful hugs I received as I walked out the door and all the people who said, "When you get a new job, come and get us." 

I had no idea where I was going, but in my heart I knew that corporate hi-tech was not it for me. Within a week, the field of Life Coaching made its way to my awareness. Soon I was flying to the mid-west to take my first class. I started applying for jobs to continue that golden paycheck and even had an offer, but sat there in the intense and calm awareness that I just couldn't do it.. 

I felt like had so clearly asked for a new way of being in the world and knew that I would be trading that for security, so I turned it down, taking what I can only refer to as a leap of faith. trusting that I was on the path of my purpose and that somehow I would be taken care of.

That was fifteen years ago and so many amazing things happened as a result of that decision that I think is only possible when we use our intuition to guide our decisions. I have been working in healthcare as a behavioral health educator now for fifteen years. I have also worked in healthcare as a Health Coach for four years. I have established a regular writing practice through this newsletter and have published several articles in on-line ezines. I have offered and taught my own classes and workshops and produced recorded material as well. But most importantly, I have been making a difference in people's lives.

When I left hi-tech 15 years ago, I had no idea I would be where I am right now. But I had a vision. Much of the time through the past 15 years, I had experiences that felt like loss, but as the universe is planning the next adventure and responding to your vision, sometimes it needs to clear the space to make room for it.

An Attitude of Gratitude

While there are no guarantees, there is something that I believe contributed to the success I have had in redefining my work and personal life. In my experience, one key to making the shift I described above was maintaining an Attitude of Gratitude. This became very clear to me recently when I started practicing Smile Therapy.

For my New Year's Resolution this year, I decided to try an experiment with smiling.  I was leaving my house at 5:15am in the morning to avoid the traffic as I commuted to the VA in Palo Alto. After nearly 4 years of this, I had developed a little bit of an attitude. While I felt deeply honored and rewarded to work with Veterans, the early hour and long days were wearing. The experiment was to smile as I drove to see what affect it would have on my brain/body chemistry, my mood and my attitude.

At first, I really didn't feel like smiling at all and my face resisted. So, I plastered a fake smile on my face driving down the road feeling like a complete idiot. Within a couple of days, I noticed that I didn't have to work so hard at it and in fact, was feeling an improvement in my mood.

Following that, however have been some amazing things. At the two week mark, my boss told me I could leave Palo Alto early and finish my day at the San Jose location enabling me to avoid the afternoon traffic. This was HUGE. This improved my attitude dramatically as I just received about 3 hours/week of my life back.

Since then, I left the VA when there issues with my contract. I am back working for Kaiser, full-time, for now. While I miss working with Veterans, I continue to practice smile therapy, knowing and trusting that the next perfect thing will happen for me. How do I know that? Because it always does.

I work with people who are redefining themselves in the work and personal lives. If you would like one-on-one coaching, please contact me by clicking here.

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Jaqui Duvall works as a coach, mentor, trainer, facilitator and public speaker developing and delivering workshops, leading mentoring groups and working with individuals to help them identify and express their inner spirit and live a life of consciousness and intention. •  San Jose