Dear Golden Eagles,
Today, I was concerned that I had not received my invitation to The Golden Eagle 2015 Reunion, so I called the Central Flight Leader, Jerry Breast, and received the following email response. He also mentioned, on the phone, that the mailer did not include the 2 tour pages in the first mailing, so that is the reason for the second mailing. Please wait until you receive the second mailing before you return your completed forms and check. Don Boecker-Pilot

To: the Pilot,
The initial mailing (8 sheets) was sent business class from Pensacola on the 12th of Feb. The second mailing (2 sheets for the detail of the tours) was mailed business class on the 18th of Feb. Expected travel time for most of the US is about 8 days...excluding the Weather variable. The guys living in Pensacola got them on the 14th and we began receiving completed packages on the 17th.
The reason we mailed business class instead of first class is first the cost ($170 vs $328). Also, when the item is returned to the post office due to a change of address, it is shipped back to sender if first class. If business class, the post office goes thru several hoops trying to find the addressee.
If Eagles feel they had rather have their responses in two months early as opposed to a month early....then we should have mailed first class, otherwise we should be OK. From: Jerry Breast • The Golden Eagles