Dear Golden Eagles,

The Central Flight Leader has requested that I send out an All Hands Alert to notify The Golden Eagles who have not received a mailed Invitation for the 2015 Pensacola Reunion to call CAPT John "Pag" Paganelli, (phone Numbers in the Directory) or send an email to: . John will email you a package so you can send your response and check to VADM Bill Ramsey, address on the sign up sheet, different from his Directory address.

As of today, there are 121 Golden Eagles signed up for the reunion. However, in the last two days, I received three emails from members saying they had not received their invitation and asking me how to get an invitation and another email sent to Central Flight Leader asking how he could get an invitation. So, for some reason, the mail is not getting to all of The Golden Eagles because of improper addresses, change of addresses, or lost mail. Maybe next year, we should send invitations out by email for those who have email and mail the remaining invitations to those who don't have email.

The Pensacola Crowne Plaza Hotel phone number is: 850-433-3336. Use the code "GOL" to secure the special rate of $130.00 per night. That is separate from your invitation package costs of Welcome Aboard, Tours, Skeet Shoot, Golf, Banquet, etc. Pag will send those members who have not received their invitation an email invitation by April 3, 2015.

Don Boecker-Pilot • The Golden Eagles