Special Notice 2014

JR, Please send this message out as a special notice to All The Golden Eagles. Thanks, Don

From: Webmaster@intruderassociation.org
To: rupeowens@msn.com
Subject: Approach Editor Job Opening
Date: Fri, 7 Nov 2014 12:50:56 -0500

'99 - Please pass to anyone you think would be interested. Casting the net as far and wide as I can in hopes that we'll get the right guy for the next Approach Editor. Naval Safety Center will be posting the position on USA jobs again in the next few weeks. On the previous posting, we only received applications from writer/editor types...no Naval Aviators applied to my knowledge. It will be a sad day for Naval Aviation Safety if we cannot find someone with Naval Aviation experience to be the Approach editor, so please pass the word! It's only a GS-12 position so I fully understand why that might not appeal to the average retired Naval Aviator, but maybe there is someone out there that would fit the bill perfectly. We are NOT  looking for a polished writer...we are looking for a fleet experienced Naval Aviator that can write and edit good enough. If you know of any prospects, please let them know that the job is open. They can contact me directly if they have any questions. Thanks in advance.

V/r SanDog CAPT Christopher "SanDog" Saindon Director, Aviation Safety Programs U. S. Naval Safety Center
DSN 564-3520 ext. 7225
Comm 757-444-3520 ext. 7225
Cell 360-941-0558