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Volume 5, Issue 4  
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Cultivate Other Professionals Who Service Your Prospective Clients

Hi -

My February and March issues outlined ways to leverage the Web to zero in on your target market. This month we're going to look at some real life examples.

Suppose you're interested in expanding your business by cultivating professional alliances. Accountants and attorneys are two obvious choices. All kinds of industry research points to those two groups as the best sources of introduction to prospective clients, especially affluent ones.

But your options don't end there... plenty of professions encounter people daily who need your services, individuals experiencing a major life event that has put their money in motion: the sale of a house, a promotion to a new job, the break up of a marriage, you name it.

The $64,000 question is how do you connect with those professionals and position yourself as the "go to" person when their clients experience liquidation life events?

The answer starts with recognizing which events present such opportunities. After that, it's a matter of connecting the dots: determining which occupations cater to people in those circumstances, what trade groups support those occupations, what issues people employed in those professions wrestle with, and most importantly, how you can help solve the problems they and their customers/clients face.

Take selling a house.

For many, the sale of a home liquidates the largest asset in their portfolio. Some, like long time, empty nest owners who are downsizing or executives relocating to a less expensive area will experience a cash windfall when the sale closes. Where are they going to turn for good advice on how to invest it?

Why not you? If you've built a strong relationship with their agent, there's a natural opportunity for that agent to connect you with them and add value to their relationship with the client in doing so.

If you don't know who the top producing agents are in your community scan the local newspaper, the ads will tell you. Agents who can usually do promote their status as a top local, even national, producer. Google their names to learn what else you can (do they have a web site? have they been quoted anywhere? what organizations do they belong to?) then contact some of your top clients to see if they've worked with those agents in the past (a helpful relationship connection when you're looking for a way to approach them).

Before making that call, take 10 minutes to educate yourself on issues realtors deal with. Visit the National Association of Realtors Web site, which offers a goldmine of potentially useful intelligence starting with their monthly member publication, Realtor® Magazine. Check out the list of topics along the left side of the magazine section's home page, especially the sections on selling and brokerage management. (Part of how you break the ice with a potential referral partner might be to share a success tip on negotiating, closing, or retirement planning – three of the topics shown.)

Dig a little deeper at the Realtor® Magazine site and you'll uncover who writes its articles; information worth sharing with agents you'd like to partner with especially if you can suggest a few story angles based on what you've found in reviewing the site (the magazine's editorial calendar, also posted at the site, will tell you which month those stories might work best in). Wouldn't someone get your attention if they called to offer you that kind of information?

Other professions you might want to tap into (and sites where you can start doing so) for life event marketing include:

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