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Volume 5, Issue 8  
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Solve the Prospecting Puzzle with Jigsaw

Hi -

Prospecting is a perennial hot topic among advisors, wholesalers and others I work with. People are always looking for sources of new business. And while I'm a firm believer that referrals from existing customers and clients generally provide the best leads, there are other sources worth considering. The tool highlighted this month is one of them.

Last month I included information about our new custom webinar program. We're finding companies (broker dealers, mutual funds, insurance companies, banks and others) who invest in value-added events and distributor development are very interested in our approach. Let me know if you or or a company you work with is planning a fall or winter meeting and looking for high-impact content to deliver to attendees. Custom webinars are the perfect way to reinforce the key take-aways from those meetings.


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An Affordable Prospecting Resource

If you've ever tried to prospect executives of privately held companies or even mid-level managers of public ones, you know how challenging and time-consuming (not to mention expensive) locating their contact information can be. Online directories like Hoover's provide great information but with subscriptions costing thousands of dollars annually, their price tag is prohibitive for most of us.

Recently I discovered an affordable alternative worth looking into: Jigsaw, an online prospecting resource with a rapidly expanding database of contacts. For $25 per month, you can search for, locate, and download contact information for up to 25 people - their name, title, company, address, phone and email - drawn from a growing universe of 1.2 million+ entries at over 90,000 companies.

Can't spare $25? No problem. You can earn points for any person you add to Jigsaw's database from your own list of contacts. Each name you enter earns you 10 points; enough to buy two contact names from the database. If you need more than 25 leads you can either enter more names from your Rolodex or pay $1 for each additional name.

Jigsaw not only relies on members to build its library of contacts, it also provides incentive for members to police data others have entered to be sure it's accurate. Each valid correction of information provided by someone else earns you 10 points.

You can sign up for a two-week trial which will give you enough points to locate up to 10 contacts at no charge. (As a trial member you can copy and paste that information into your address book; full members have the option of downloading a vcf card which can be imported directly into programs like Outlook, ACT, and Goldmine.)

One feature I really like is the flexibility Jigsaw provides in searching for certain kinds of leads. You can enter a person's last name, a company name, a target industry (or sub-industry), title, rank (C-level, VP, etc.), department, country, metropolitan area, and state or province, among other qualifiers - or any combination of those categories - to narrow your results.

If you work in the corporate market - prospecting business owners, looking for wealthy corporate execs, offering retirement plan programs to companies, or key man insurance - Jigsaw may be the solution to the prospecting puzzle you've been looking for.

Ways The Gregory Group Can Help You

Custom Webinars: A Systematic Way to Build Stronger Relationships

Our new custom webinar package includes a tailored 45-minute presentation, marketing copy to promote the event, participant instructions, an online follow up survey to capture audience feedback, and a complete presentation recap provided to participants via email on request. We'll incorporate your proprietary content and can even supply the web conferencing and telephone call-in capability for up to 24 attendees... a complete turnkey solution!

Call me at 202.364.6913 if you want to learn how to increase your ROI on meetings and events you organize for clients, distributors, and others.

Here's just a sampling of comments from recent attendees…

"Extremely informative and interesting, on a level everyone can follow, didn't look at my watch once!"

"An hour very well spent. THANK YOU!!!!"

"A lot of good, original ideas. It was nice to hear something new."

"Very helpful – lots of great tips that I can put to use right away."

"Quick, fast-paced, practical and useful info."
If you're interested in finding out how we can help you deliver innovative added value to your existing clients and a better way of qualifying and cultivating the prospects and centers of influence that fuel your growth, email or call me at 202.364.6913 and let's talk.

We've helped companies across the industry blend proprietary initiatives (products, services, programs, Web tools, and technology) with practical, actionable strategies that improve results right away and we can help you too!

Inject Energy and Enthusiasm into Your Next Meeting

How many industry events do you attend where you actually come away feeling you learned something practical and new that you could implement right away?

My presentations offer guaranteed take-it-back-to-the-office-and-put-it-to-work value that attendees appreciate and ask for.

If you or someone in your organization are planning a fall sales conference, due diligence presentation, product road show, or employee training, email or call me at 202.364.6913 to explore how to achieve maximum ROI on your dollars spent. (By the way, combining an on-site presentation with a follow-up webinar is a great way to reinforce what's learned and to share it with those who can't attend in person!)

Update on

As you've read in past issues, we've been gearing up to launch ProductivityU over the past few months. Recently we were notified that the company supplying the technology platform we'll be using is being acquired by WebEx.

While a very good thing in the long run, in the short term it means we're retooling some of the workings of the program to take advantage of previously unavailable capabilities. Stay tuned for a message announcing that our new platform is in place.

In case you've missed it, here's the background on this exciting new program...

Through live, online coaching and training, ProductivityU will help participants bring the principles and strategies you read here and in the pages of Winning Clients to life. Think about the best conferences or sales meetings you've attended, then imagine participating in a program of that caliber... where you actually implement and benefit from the improvements you learn about... all in the comfort and convenience of your office.

That's what ProductivityU will offer.

Current Kip's Tips subscribers are eligible for preferred pricing on an exclusive program… but only if you register. If you haven't already, visit and sign up to be notified as soon as the program is introduced. And watch this space for more information.


Kip Gregory
The Gregory Group: When You're Ready to Take Your Business to the Next Level


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