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Volume 5, Issue 10  
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Timing is everything, especially when it involves information that might give you a leg up in closing a new account or expanding an existing relationship. Knowing how to connect with people on the basis of current headlines, happenings, or events of interest to them is a powerful way to demonstrate you understand their cares and concerns. Done effectively it can make the difference between winning and losing business.

This month's tip is an approach you can use at little or no cost to stay plugged into online sources of news and intelligence related to clients, prospects, centers of influence, friends… whoever's important to you.


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Monitor Sites to Make Timely Connections

Discovering useful Web content on markets you target or people you work with can be exciting. But finding the sites that offer it is only the beginning. The real challenge is keeping current over time with the intelligence they provide… especially since scouring sites regularly for useful nuggets isn't something you want to spend your day doing.

That's where services like WatchThatPage and TrackEngine come in handy. They are Web page monitoring tools you can use to notify you automatically by email (on the schedule you select) whenever new content gets added to a Web page you've identified… information you might use to reach out and touch various contacts in a timely way.

What type of information am I talking about? Anything published online that increases your understanding of what makes a client or prospect tick, gives you insight into issues or pursuits that are important to them, or provides a context for approaching them about establishing, expanding, or solidifying your relationship.

Here's a list of sites that might provide that content:

  • magazines, newspapers, or blogs that clients, prospects or centers of influence read

  • charities and philanthropic groups they support

  • civic groups they are involved in

  • clubs and associations they belong to

  • sites related to their hobbies or personal interests

  • their company's site

  • sports or teams they follow

  • stores they shop at

  • their child's school's site

  • sites related to events they are planning (vacations, parties, weddings, etc.)
…you get the idea.

To get started, pick a few key people, inventory their interests, then find out what the Web offers on those topics, ideally directly from the same sites they visit. When you locate a page that offers good content (i.e. one that lists articles, announcements, schedules, press releases or other potentially valuable information), flag it for monitoring so you get notified whenever new content is added to it.

WatchThatPage and TrackEngine both make their services available at no charge (and TrackEngine has several paid services you can upgrade to). You can register with and begin using either one in minutes.

If you believe that information not dollars is the true currency of business today and you're looking for a way to keep up with valuable intelligence you'd otherwise miss, web page monitoring tools can be worth their weight in gold.

Ways We Can Help You Improve Results

Become a Better Communicator

Tools like WatchThatPage and TrackEngine are one way of keeping current on what's happening in your clients' and prospects' information circles. Here are three other steps you can take to position yourself as a better communicator:

  1. Read 101 Ways to Get Closer to Clients at the Winning Clients site… it offers more than one hundred creative suggestions for staying in touch with clients and others you want to touch on an ongoing basis.

  2. Purchase the Communications Worksheet templates included in the premium forms package described in Winning Clients. Those templates illustrated and described in detail in Chapter 4 of the book ("Build Relationships through Better Communication") are Word files that make it easier for you and your team to map out a month-by-month strategy for communicating with key contacts.

  3. Sign up for individual or team coaching. In a series of 50-minute sessions conducted in your office over a 12-week period, I'll guide you through the essential steps in building an effective communication strategy. As a Tips subscriber you're eligible for an exclusive 12-sessions-for-the-price-of-10 discount worth $600. Call (202.364.6913) or email me for more information.

Increase Your ROI on Professional Development

If you've been attending industry events or corporate conferences this fall, you know firsthand the challenge of putting ideas you pick up in those sessions to work in your business once you're back in the office.

Too often competing priorities, confusion, or lack of follow through prevent you from implementing the improvements you seek. Don't let the days and dollars you invest in training and development go to waste. Contact me now and let's develop a plan for getting you to where you want to be.

Working together we'll define specific objectives (expanding / consolidating your client base, increasing assets, eliminating expenses, automating routine tasks, or building your team) and develop practical strategies for achieving those results.

We won't just talk, we'll implement clear, concrete improvements, via telephone and our own private online conference room. Sessions last 50 minutes and are conducted weekly in the comfort and convenience of your office (so there's no travel expense or time lost in traffic). Right now I'm offering Tips readers 12 sessions for the price of 10, a $600 discount! Call 202.364.6913 or email me if you want to learn more.

Inject Energy and Enthusiasm into Your Next Meeting

How many presentations do you attend where you come away feeling you actually learned something practical and new that you could implement right away?

My sessions offer guaranteed take-it-back-to-the-office-and-put-it-to-work value that attendees appreciate and ask for. Last month, on the strength of audience reaction at their Spring Professional Development Conference, I was invited back to the Investment Management Consultants Association's fall meeting in St. Louis. While there I spoke to two standing-room only crowds on "Making the Web Work for Consultants."

Here are some of the comments that were shared afterwards...

"I've been this business for 32 years and I've heard a lot of good ideas from speakers about building my business, cultivating high net worth prospects, asking for referrals, you name it. The problem is after a while they all start to sound the same. Your stuff was fresh, innovative; I'd never heard anything like it."

"One of the five nuggets I look for at a meeting."

"Really creative and invaluable tips."

"Excellent. Every advisor looking to increase office efficiencies and production should attend."

"Very valuable - quick, easy-to-apply-immediately techniques to share with our reps at 700 financial institutions in 42 states."
(Click here to read a full summary of audience feedback from that IMCA presentation.)

If you know an organization currently planning a meeting, sales conference, due diligence presentation, product road show, or employee training, email or call me at 202.364.6913 to explore how to I can help you deliver exciting, practical content attendees can use right away to work smarter, make more money, and increase their effectiveness.


Kip Gregory
The Gregory Group: When You're Ready to Take Your Business to the Next Level


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