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Volume 5, Issue 12  
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Building a Better Business in 2006

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2006 Speaking Schedule
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Hi -

Business planning is a popular topic this time of year so this month I've prepared a set of questions worth answering if you're seeking greater success over the next 12 months. (If you're really committed to making 2006 your best year ever take advantage of the special coaching offer described immediately following the tip.)

This being Christmas I also have a small gift for you -- a new Tips Archive button in the lefthand margin. Whether you're a new subscriber who missed earlier issues or you'd just like a refresher on what's been covered I hope you'll enjoy this new feature.

And here's a little post-Christmas treat you can pass along to clients (and maybe use yourself)... instructions on how to reach a real live customer service representative at more than 150 businesses and organizations -- Amazon, Best Buy, Dell, HP, Home Depot, FEMA, Medicare, the Social Security Administration, the Post Office, all the major airlines -- you name it. Thanks to Paul English for putting this very helpful reference tool together.

Finally, a quick reminder on last month's tip. You still have a few more weeks to get those 2˘ and 1˘ stamps out to clients before postal rates go up in the US and Canada. Readers who've already sent them have been sharing great feedback. Don't miss a terrific opportunity to deliver some low-cost TLC. New rates go into effect January 8 in the US and January 16 in Canada.

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5 Questions to Help You Build a Better Business in 2006

Want to hit the ground running in the New Year? Begin sketching out the changes you need to make now. That's what top performers are doing even as you read this: creating time for strategizing and pursuing a route to greater success, and working with their team to implement those improvements systematically.

Sometime in the coming weeks take 30 minutes to an hour to answer the following...

1. What are my goals for 2006?

As someone once said, goals are dreams with a deadline. The more specific and measurable they are the better. What are the top three to five outcomes you want to achieve in the coming year?

Here are a dozen possibilities to help get you thinking:

  • Increase my income by $_____, to $_____

  • Acquire ___ new clients that each generate at least $_____ of revenue

  • Expand/reduce my book of business from ___ to ___ clients

  • Generate ___ referrals per month from clients and professionals in my network
  • Publish a newsletter ___ times per year

  • Get ___ articles placed in publications my target audience reads

  • Appear on ___ TV or radio shows

  • Update my Web site on a daily/weekly/monthly/quarterly/annual basis

  • Hire and train ___ person/people to ________ in my business

  • Add ________ to my menu of products and services provided

  • Achieve top-level producer status with _____

  • Learn to ________
2. What steps will I take to achieve those goals?

What's the process you'll follow to get from where you are to where you want to be? Step 1… step 2… step 5… step 10. Can you articulate what tasks need to be performed, and in what order, by whom, and on what date in order to realize the result you're seeking? Remember, if you don't know where you're going, you'll probably end up somewhere else (Yogi Berra).

3. Where is that information documented?

Writing things down clarifies ideas and makes sharing them with your team, whose help you're going to need to achieve them, easier. It also provides everyone with a tangible reference tool for refocusing when day-to-day distractions take you off task.

It doesn't have to be fancy; a series of work flow tables in Microsoft Word is enough to get you started. The knowledge journal approach described in past tips is a great way to create and organize those tables into a game plan. If you're unfamiliar with knowledge journaling, download and read a description of how it works at

By the way, putting things in one place isn't worth anything if you never look at that material... be sure to review it regularly (at least monthly; ideally more often) so you can track your progress.

4. Beyond my team, who else is going to help me implement?

You can't (and don't want to) do it all yourself. So what assistance are you going to need? Support from your product and service partners… a computer support specialist… a virtual assistant… your manager if you have one… or a coach if you don't? Are they willing to help? Are they capable of helping? And are you clear in what you need them to do?

5. What happens if I do nothing?

If you've read this far no doubt you believe there's a better way to run your business. There is. There are lots of them. They involve structure, process, and systemization, what you'll get when you start methodically mapping out where you want to go and how you plan to get there.

As you do, don't overlook the importance of accountability, creating a mechanism to make sure what's envisioned actually gets done. The best way to ensure you follow through is to tell someone else your plans and ask their help in keeping you on task. Find someone who will help hold your feet to the fire: a professional coach, a member of your study group, or even a good friend. It's amazing what sharing that information with others, even informally, can do to motivate you to achieve your desired results.

Ways We Can Help You Improve Results

Special Offer: Yearend Coaching 12-pack

Don't let competing priorities, confusion about how to get started, or lack of follow through prevent you from achieving the success you're capable of in 2006.

From now until December 31, take advantage of my special yearend coaching 12-pack offer: 12 50-minute sessions for the price of 10. $3000 for 12 weeks of one-on-one partner-level guidance on leveraging your time, talents and technology to boost your productivity, marketing effectiveness, communication, and team building skills... whatever you know needs to improve to step up to your next level.

Working together we'll define specific objectives and develop practical strategies for achieving those results. We won't just talk--we'll implement clear, concrete improvements using our own private online conference room at There you'll get complete access to a variety of time-saving tools and templates together with individualized attention on systemizing and automating business practices with technology you already own.

Email or call me at 202.364.6913 to find out if you qualify for this special $600 yearend discount. If you do and you sign up within the next 3 days, I'll include two free autographed copies of Winning Clients at no extra charge (an additional $100 value)... one for you and one for your assistant.


(If you want to get started on developing your business improvement plan immediately, download the Checklist of Challenges and Self-Assessment Questionnaire from the Winning Clients Web site. These free tools will help you define your goals and identify specific areas you want to address... and give me useful insight into what you want to accomplish should we work together.)

2006 Speaking Schedule

I'm pleased to announce the following additions to my 2006 speaking schedule... all repeat engagements with leading industry organizations:

Stay tuned for more information as dates draw nearer.

If you're helping to plan national or chapter events in 2006 for AICPA, FPA, NAIFA, NAPFA, the Society for Financial Service Professionals, or other industry groups, email or call me at 202.364.6913 to explore how to I can help you deliver exciting, practical content attendees can use right away to work smarter, make more money, and increase their effectiveness.

Or maybe you work for (or with) a product or service provider planning their national sales meeting, due diligence road show, or sales force training calendar. Let me help you make those events a smashing success!


As 2005 comes to a close, I wish you all the peace this holiday season can bring and continued success, growth, health, and happiness in 2006.


Kip Gregory
The Gregory Group: Teaching Clients to Leverage Time, Talent, and Technology to Increase Productivity and Profit


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