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Hi -

Inspiration can strike anytime, anywhere... while you're in conversation, reading a magazine, listening to the radio, or just walking down the street. I don't know about you but for me it's usually most powerful when it's quietly demonstrated through the actions of others.

That's exactly what happened in the story you'll read in a minute. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

And speaking of inspiration, how about your business improvement resolutions for this year? If you're not pursuing them as fast or as vigorously as you'd like it's not too late to kick things into higher gear. Prioritizing which areas to focus on, defining clear processes, and creating follow through mechanisms are challenges many in this business wrestle with. Happily there are practical solutions you can begin implementing immediately and you can read more about them toward the bottom of the page.

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Lessons in Selling from a Seven Year Old Natural

Once again I'm reminded how often the child teaches the parent.

Last week my daughter came home from second grade with this year's Jump Rope for Heart forms. (You may know it -- it's sponsored annually at schools across the country by the American Heart Association.)

Before dinner she casually told me she was going to raise $200 jumping rope "because $200 is a lot of money to give someone and because I can win a bunch of prizes… see?!" (She showed me the form.)

I was her first prospect… but just one of several names she'd already written on her pad. As soon as dinner was over she picked up the phone to call some of the others. "Hi. I was hoping you would sponsor me in Jump Rope for Heart. The way it works is…"

Within three minutes she'd calmly, clearly explained the whole process to each person ("You can give whatever you want; I'm trying to raise $200. You make a check to the American Heart Association and send it to me. I'll hand the money in to my teacher on February 14th…"), got the commitment, and still had a few minutes left over for conversation.

One hour, seven calls, and $115 in pledges later she said, "I think that's enough for tonight; I'll call the rest tomorrow." Pause. "Dad, who else do you think I could ask?" Not pressing, just curious; as matter-of-factly as when she announced her plans earlier.

The next morning I found her at the breakfast table, her call list clipped to the pledge form next to her cereal bowl. Across the top in big letters was written, "My gole: $200" (spelling doesn't count in fundraising). And right under that, "My money so far: $115" and two lists, "The people I have done" and "That I need to do" with names under each. She was busy adding more. "People around the neighborhood, Dad," she explained.

Seven years old.

I know. I'm in trouble.

But then I got to thinking, beyond the chuckle of the whole scene lies a classic example of how to achieve what you want in selling: setting and focusing on a concrete goal, making a list of prospects, asking for referrals, sticking with a script (none of which for her, remarkably, was on paper), working the phone, asking for the business, thanking everyone, tracking progress, and following through.

Couple that with three essential attitudes my daughter brought to her challenge -- a motivation to help others, willingness to work through any fears (I was stunned when she told me at bedtime that she'd been a little nervous!), and an assumption of success -- and you've got a great recipe for making 2006 your best year ever. Or at least a little food for thought.

By the way, it's a couple of days later now and she's not quite done (she had $160 in hand at last count). Rest assured though I'll fill you in on the end of the story next time.

I have no doubt about the outcome.

Ways We Can Help You Improve Results

One-on-One and Team Coaching

The start of the year is a popular time for envisioning business improvement strategies. After setting production goals and establishing a budget, attention turns to the question of "how am I actually going to get this done?"

Unfortunately, too many people -- advisors and wholesalers among them -- never get past the "thinking about it" phase. Competing priorities, uncertainty around where to begin the process and lack of accountability (and reliable follow through mechanisms) get in the way of real progress.

My coaching programs are designed specifically to overcome those challenges.

Each engagement starts by developing a very clear picture of your goals and objectives, business structure, markets served, clientele sought, team strengths and weaknesses, technology and other resources you own. Then working together we map out an action plan for getting you from where you are to where you want to be, laying out specific milestones by which we can measure success.

We don't just talk, we roll up our sleeves to address specific objectives like expanding or consolidating your client base, increasing assets, eliminating expenses, automating routine tasks, or building your team skills. We develop practical ways of achieving those results (through smarter use of people, process, and personal technology) and focus wherever possible on executing those strategies using tools you already own.

We also draw on a variety of proprietary tools – forms, worksheets, databases, and online conferencing resources (all available at – designed to help you achieve the intentional success that eludes many advisors.

Most sessions run between 45 and 75 minutes and are conducted weekly… all in the comfort and convenience of your office (so there's no travel expense or time lost in traffic).

The cost? Just $3000 for a full day's worth (eight hours) of consulting and coaching time that you can access for as little as 15 minutes at a time.

If you are ready to take your business to the next level email or call me at 202.364.6913 and let's visit. Don't let another month go by. Contact me now and let's develop a plan for getting you to where you want to be. The kind of success you're seeking doesn't happen accidentally.


(If you want to get started on developing your business improvement plan immediately, download the Checklist of Challenges and Self-Assessment Questionnaire from the Winning Clients Web site. Together those worksheets will help you define your goals and identify specific areas you want to address... and give me useful insight into what you want to accomplish should we work together.)

Until next time wishing you all the best,,

Kip Gregory
The Gregory Group: Teaching Clients to Leverage Time, Talent, and Technology to Increase Productivity and Profit


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