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Monitoring Money in Motion

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Hi -

Did you happen to see the Wall Street Journal article on August 15: Financial Advisers Tap Tech for Personal Touch? It described how firms large and small are using technology to get closer to clients.

It also cited research by my friend John Bowen's firm, CEG Worldwide, that might surprise you. Those affluent investors who are most satisfied with the service they get receive 28 contacts over the course of a year from their advisor (vs. 17 for the most dissatisfied).

No, that's not a typo. 28. Roughly every other week. A few more touches that many advisors assume are required. (Heck, so's 17 for that matter.)

The truth is beyond sending out quarterly reports, an annual account review, and maybe a birthday or holiday card, most advisors struggle to come up with reasons to be in touch with even their best clients. If you're one of those, this month's tip can help. I hope you find it useful.


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Monitor News for Money in Motion & Other Opportunities

Last month's suggestion that readers leverage Google News Alerts to keep up with current events prompted enough questions about how the services work to warrant some further explanation. So here goes…

Imagine you knew a speed reader capable of scanning thousands of newspapers and magazines on a daily basis; a person who could flag stories containing words and phrases you wanted to track… people's names, special events, company announcements, you name it.

Whatever they found, they'd email you a summary of, however often you requested it -- as soon as the story appeared, once a day or once a week… your choice. Opening the email, you'd scan the headlines and click on any of interest, loading the full story in your browser to review and act on.

Sound pretty cool?

It is. And in a nutshell that's exactly what Google News Alerts does… quickly, easily and cost-effectively. Giving you a ready method of monitoring news about (or of interest to) clients, prospects, networking contacts, competitors… whoever (or whatever) you want to keep tabs on.

How cost-effectively? How about free?

Google News Alerts is a feature of Google News, a news aggregation service that continuously taps more than 4,500 news sources around the world to report breaking stories… and lets users search for specific words and phrases they are interested in.

Let's say you specialize in retirement plan rollovers and you're looking for companies and people to contact when those windows of opportunity open -- like when a business announces a layoff. (AOL / Time Warner recently announced a huge one right here in Northern Virginia.)

Wouldn't it be great if you could tell someone, "Show me any news story that includes the terms announced and layoff or layoffs, either in the body of the article or just in its title?" Or maybe take it a step further and tell them to limit the results to just those publications in a certain state… or to one publication in particular?

The links below demonstrate what I'm describing. Click on any one of them to see what results the associated keyword search generates.

Stories containing announced and layoff or layoffs anywhere in the article:

Stories containing announced and layoff or layoffs only in the TITLE of the article:

Stories from California-based publications that contain announced and layoff or layoffs (anywhere):

Stories appearing in the LA Times that contain announced and layoff or layoffs (anywhere):

Here's another example: recently promoted executives. Ever want to reach out to someone who's just taken on a higher paying or profile job, to determine their financial goals and explore how you might help achieve them… or just to network with them? Finding those folks isn't always easy. Google News can help.

New hires, retirements, acquisitions, divestitures, announcements of contracts won, RFPs, appointments to boards, new product or service introductions, an event happening in your area that you should know about… are you beginning to get the idea? If you can define a scenario consistently with a few words or a phrase, there's an excellent chance you can find something on it online. It may be as simple as the name of the company your top client owns or works for, or a charity they support.

Be prepared to play around with your search terms to determine what works best. Experiment with different word combinations. Put quotation marks around names or phrases (like "retirement plan"); doing so narrows your results. Try synonyms (like wealthy or "high net worth" if you're seeking stories about the affluent, for example).

When you start generating potentially useful results, click on the "News Alerts" link near the left edge of the Results screen. That'll open a form where you can tell Google where and how frequently to notify you (by email) whenever your keywords appear. Type in the address you want your alert sent to, check that email for a message with a confirmation link, and you're on your way. (By the way, there's no limit to how many you can set up.)

We could spend hours on how to harness this terrific tool and its many features -- advanced search, personalization, setting up RSS feeds, what to do with what you find -- but what's here is enough to get you started. (If you want more personal guidance consider my one-on-one coaching service.)

The bottom line is this: the real currency advisors trade in these days isn't money, it's information. Get to useful information first and act on it before your competition does and you'll win (and keep) all the business you can handle. Google News Alerts is a fabulous way to improve your odds of doing just that. Give it a try.

Ways We Can Help You Improve Results

One-on-One and Team Coaching

With the end of the year just four short months away what kind of finish are you setting up for?

Answering these five quick questions will help you decide...

  • Am I on track to meet my production and profitability goals for the year?

  • Am I working the hours I want to?

  • Am I delegating all the work I can so that I can focus on the rainmaking that only I can do?

  • Have I provided my team with the training and development they need to maximize their productivity... and mine?

  • Do I feel in control of my business and my future?
If you answered no to any of those questions, you may be a candidate for my one-on-one or team coaching.

Each engagement is unique and starts by developing a very clear picture of your goals and objectives, business structure, markets served, clientele sought, team strengths and weaknesses, technology and other resources you own. Then working together we map out an action plan for getting you from where you are to where you want to be, laying out specific milestones by which we can measure success.

We don't just talk, we roll up our sleeves to address specific objectives. Big ones like developing a complete profile of your top clients, and using it to expand (or consolidate) your base of accounts, and increase assets. And "little" ones like eliminating unnecessary expenses, automating routine tasks, and taking control of your email inbox.

Large or small we develop practical ways of achieving those results (through smarter use of people, process, and personal technology) and focus wherever possible on executing those strategies using resources you already own.

We also draw on a variety of proprietary tools – forms, worksheets, databases, and online conferencing resources (all available at – designed to help you achieve that elusive next level of success.

Sessions run roughly an hour and are conducted weekly… all in the comfort and convenience of your office (which means everyone on your team can participate... and there's no travel expense, time lost in traffic, or nights spent in a "bootcamp" hotel room).

The cost? Just $3000 for a full eight hours of consulting and coaching time that you can access for as little as 15 minutes at a time. (Book your slot by Friday, September 8 and you can take $100 off the price.)

If you are ready to take your business to the next level email or call me at 202.364.6913 and let's visit.

If you're serious about implementing improvements contact me now and let's develop a plan for accelerating your success. The kind of results you're seeking don't happen accidentally.


(If you want to get started on developing your business improvement plan immediately, download the Checklist of Challenges and Self-Assessment Questionnaire from the Winning Clients Web site. Together those worksheets will help you define your goals and identify specific areas you want to address... and give me useful insight into what you want to accomplish should we work together.)

Upcoming Speaking Events

I'm pleased to announce the following additions to my speaking schedule, both with industry-leading organizations:

The Investment Management Consultants Association's inaugural Practice Management Conference in Beaver Creek, CO on December 5, 2006. I'll be delivering both a general session and a hands-on workshop breakout. Watch IMCA's web site for more information!

The American Society of Pension Professionals & Actuaries 401(k) Summit in San Diego, CA in February 2007. Details will be posted on ASPPA's site as the date draws nearer.

I'm excited to do both, my fourth event with IMCA since the spring of last year and my first for ASPPA. ASPPA's call came after a member attended a presentation I gave at another conference and suggested me to their programming committee. Nothing like a good referral!

Speaking of which... please don't keep me a secret if you're active in an association, study group, or top producer council looking to offer practical, innovative, take-it-back-to-the-office-and-put-it-to-work-immediately value at an upcoming meeting.

Click here to see what others who've hired me have said about the experience.

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Until next time wishing you all the best,

Kip Gregory
The Gregory Group: Teaching Clients to Leverage Their Time, Talent, and Technology to Increase Productivity and Profit


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