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    Worth Knowing
    The San Diego Foundation has released its " Parks for Everyone" report. Foundation President and CEO Bob Kelly, says that "our beautiful parks and recreational areas are treasured jewels that locals and visitors enjoy."

    With the holidays upon us, its a great time to be reminded about problems with excessive alcohol consumption . . . and this Australian ad campaign is a hard-hitting reminder about the tragedies that can result from driving drunk.

    Trapping migratory songbirds and other small birds is a big money issue in Cyprus and other southern European nations. The birds fly from northern Europe to Africa in the fall and return in the spring. While in Southern Europe, they are lured into nets with bird calling devices and sold at restaurant prices of $10 each. Ten to 20 birds are needed for a $100-$200 meal.

    Cancun is the location of the next international climate talks in December, but it is also the home of an underwater museum that features hundreds of concrete statues.


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    November 29, 2010

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    Some items in this edition you won't want to miss:

    While representing OpenOceans Global at the Governors Global Climate Summit at UC Davis on November 15-16, 2010, I had a chance to discuss the relationship between the ocean and climate change in this online interview.

    The National Water Research Institute has released a report on direct potable reuse of reclaimed wastewater.

    The Water Education Foundation has created an extensive slide show about the State Water Project and is also accepting applications for the the 2011 Water Leaders Class. Attendees are mentored by a top level water policy-maker. Tuition for the year-long program is $2,500.

    For updates on rebates available for water-saving devices, visit the SoCalWaterSmart web site.

    The new National Ocean Council met for the first time on November 9. The panel includes 25 cabinet secretaries and senior officials from agencies across the federal government.

    Millions of tons of plastic have been concentrating in what is known as the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. This " mockumentary" narrated by Jeremy Irons traces the life of a plastic bag as it migrates to its "home" in the Pacific.

    The California Ocean Protection Council (OPC) has been operating for five years, and now a draft program evaluation report is available for public comment. The report provides background on the OPC and recommends areas where it can improve its effectiveness.

    The governors of California, Oregon and British Columbia met on November 16 in Davis to discuss collaborative efforts to improve the health of the Pacific Ocean and address sustainability issues such as developing infrastructure to support electric vehicles and laying the foundation for the future of high-speed rail along the Pacific Coast.

    CalTRANS has inaugurated a Corridor System Management Plan web site. The agency describes the plan as "a multimodal vision for the corridor's transportation system that includes the following modes: I-5, regional arterials, bicycle/pedestrian routes, bus services, vanpools/carpools and rail services."

    Climate Change
    An opinion piece in the Sacramento Bee says that "California must act now to put in place the state and local capabilities to make timely, sound decisions that will preserve our quality of life and retain the economic opportunities that make our state one of the most attractive places on the planet to live and work." Two New York Times opinions, one by UCSD climate expert Veerabhadran Ramanathan, also shed light on the relevance of the climate talks scheduled in Cancun over the next two weeks.

    According to the Manchester Guardian, when California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger leaves office, he will become an activist on climate change through the development of R-20, a new international non-profit partnership of regional and business leaders.

    A new National Academies of Science study suggests that the global cycles of rainfall and evaporation are accelerating, a development that could intensify storms, floods, and droughts. The study reported that annual fresh-water flow increased 18 percent from 1994 to 2006.



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