Exclusively available for all styles of RainTree Peruvian Saddles!!


The ultimate flexible panel saddle - not a flexible tree! A quantum leap forward for traditional Peruvian Saddles. Advanced computer imaging has produced exactly what serious equestrians have been demanding and what other saddle companies have only dreamed about!

The unique panel design uses several layers of delrin combined with the unique Easy-Side mounting system, which assures optimal distribution of a rider's weight throughout the entire length of the panel, while allowing complete freedom of motion for the horse's back and shoulders. Whatever conformation issues are present, the appropriate saddle model correctly fitted, should provide the answer. Criteria such as gullet sizes, twist, flare and rocker are automatically addressed through this technologically advanced panel design. This is an entirely new system that is not used by any other. This is the only flex-panel saddle fit system in the world designed to vastly differently shaped horses and mules - all with the same saddle.

RainTree's saddles can now be fitted with a multi-layered, multi fingered delrin* panel. The panel has cuts and feathering in the top area along the spinal processes of the withers –allowing for a softer fit. The front of the panels are rounded and feathered, designed for a scapula overlap of up to 3 inches- if needed for short backed horses, making it comfortable for all different types of back shapes.

Whether your horse is wide, narrow or "A" framed, high or mutton withers, short-long-sway-roach or mule back in shapes and top-lines, round or slab sided, all of which can be fitted with these incredible panels. Each of the 3 layers of delrin is smaller than the previous and stacked in progression called, progressive loading which allows for complete and dynamic rider weight distribution over the entire surface area of the panel while the horse is in motion.

The rear of the panel will also have an additional layer of stainless steel for the washer mount to slide upon. The thickness of the panel layers has also been addressed. Depending upon size of the saddle, the center layer of the panel is constructed in a way that it will support the heavy rider and not bottom out and sore your horse. Or in the case of the lightweight rider will not act like a springboard if the panels are too stiff.

Flex Panel System attached to a Peruvian Work Saddle.

How the Easy Slide was developed: In 2005, after 35 years of combined experience in repairing, fixing and re-building all brands of Delrin panel saddles, faults were found in the design and in the way the panels were mounted. Some of the problems encountered were panels bottoming out, inflexible panels, thick saddle trees, washers stuck in slots, panels that wouldn't move or slide, pressure points, worn Delrin, busted rivets, cracked panels, wood screw mountings, mounts that self adjust and improper rigging.
It takes a repair shop to FIND the faults and make associations between manufactures to FIND a solution. Which is exactly what has been done! What makes the SYSTEM unique is the "Patent Pending" Easy-Slide mounting of these panels to the saddletree, making the panels virtually maintenance free.

Delrin was developed by the space program and is currently used throughout all aviation aircraft and also within the medical field. These Delrin sheets are the panels that were the heart and soul for the saddle. There are many companies that use the word FLEX in their marketing to sell their saddles. Please do not take them at their word. Make sure you are getting the "Delrin" panel and not some facsimile of "flex", "panel", "rubber" or even rawhide, wood or plastic bars that are hinged on the fork and cantle. Remember a horse's shoulders and back move with every step and the "flex" needs to move as quickly and as freely in all directions as the animal's shoulders and back, while distributing the rider's weight evenly. Delrin material is such a product. It will not fatigue, misshape or wear out easily and will last over the years of riding. The way these sheets of Delrin are shaped, tiered and layered will make up your "Panel".

*The Delrin ® -from DuPont, panels are manufactured and assembled in the United States as this unique material is not available in Peru.




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