ONE MINUTE UPDATE April 16, 2012

Responding to the January Winter Storm

For almost week in mid-January, parts of the coast were battered by hurricane force winds, and heavy rain, snow, ice, power outages, fallen trees, flooding, and landslides plagued ten counties in Oregon stretching through the central part of the coast range to the Willamette Valley and into the Columbia Gorge.

Preliminary estimates of at least $38 million in damage was reported in 9 counties and that figure is expected to grow.

The Oregon Red Cross provided around-the-clock assistance to families and communities beginning on January 17th. We worked closely with state and local emergency managers, city officials and community organizations to anticipate where help was needed and responded to developing events in flood-prone places and areas affected by snow and ice.

During the week, nine shelters were opened and the Red Cross supported several more community shelters. Over 600 meals and snacks were served and over 130 clean-up and comfort kits were distributed, all free of charge. We drew on supplies that had been pre-positioned in over 50 locations across the state and had 200 people responding, the vast majority volunteers, doing damage assessments, helping displaced families and working with local communities to make sure everyone was safe and well.

"As we finally wind down our response and catch our breath, we thank everyone who helped out, volunteered, donated blood and supported us in our efforts," said Maree Wacker, Regional Executive of the Oregon Red Cross. "We couldn't have done it without you!"

Encounter the Red Cross Experience

Each year, the Fred Meyer Breakfast of Champions features an interactive theme that draws you in to experience first-hand what it is like to be helped by the compassionate volunteers of the Oregon Red Cross. This year, the Fred Meyer Breakfast of Champions will highlight the awesome power of natural disasters and the role of the Red Cross in responding to them.

When you arrive at the Fred Meyer Breakfast of Champions on Tuesday, March 6th, you find yourself physically immersed in these episodes of tornado, earthquake, wildfire and floods, and witness Red Cross efforts to shelter, feed and care for Oregonians displaced by them. Arrive early to give yourself time to explore this multimedia experience. Then enjoy a breakfast and a heartfelt celebration; marvel at the touching stories of real-life heroes as we honor them for their acts of compassion, bravery, excellence and selflessness.

These individuals are the beacons of hope that many see in their most desperate hours. And that's what this event is all about -- honoring those who put aside their own needs to come to the aid of others.

Please join us at the 2012 Fred Meyer Breakfast of Champions. For more information, contact Tracy Madsen at 503-528-5692.  

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