Walls Are Going Up!
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By CV Project Manager Johny Siman

The month of April was a good month for construction even though we had some unusual rains that slowed us down a little bit.

Architect Alfredo Osorio changed the drawings of the cistern, raising the level by one meter and expanding the width by one meter as well. We have completed the filling of the cistern to raise the level to the new drawing's specifications and will start preparing the rebar for the bottom as well as the wall structure.

We have completed the concrete filling of the seismic beams and column shoes except on the areas surrounding the cistern. On the west side, 8-inch block walls have been raised and columns and intermediate beams have been filled with concrete. On the east and south sides, 8-inch blocks are up and some intermediate beams. Throughout the project the electrical and plumbing contractors have been working simultaneously.

In the month of May, we will continue working on walls and concrete columns and beams. We will start obtaining bids for the metal roof structure as well as the interior walls in order to have them installed once the concrete structure is ready.

NOTE: We've raised about 90% of our construction goal, but still have about $32,000 to go to complete our construction budget – then we can move on to the work of programs and medical care for our cherished patients. Please contact us if you know any supporters who can assist us in our goal – individuals, small family foundations, businesses with an interest in doing good. We appreciate every suggestion!

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National Geographic Launches Global Action Atlas

National Geographic has just unveiled its new online project, Global Action Atlas – and Clinica Verde is a featured cause. Global Action Atlas spotlights hundreds of cause-related projects around the world to concerned citizens, seeking to motivate and engage by turning inspiration into action. Check out our page on their site:

Clinica Verde on Global Action Atlas!

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Flowers and brunch are nice, but why not do something different for your Mom this year? Make a donation in her name to Clinica Verde. Express your love by reaching out to mothers and children living in need. Let us know and we can notify your Mom by email. (Our guess is she'll be really proud of you.)

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What if you automatically put aside $20 each month to help those in need? For roughly the cost of a pizza, you can help us change lives. Network for Good makes it easy for you to donate to Clinica Verde on a recurring monthly basis. If you're one of those people who believes in a long-term commitment to your cause of choice, this is a great option. (And we love it when you stick by our side.) Be a part of the long-term success of our work in the world!

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DONOR SPOTLIGHT: Krymylda MacDonald
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Awesome supporter.

Krymylda "Kym" MacDonald was born in Ocotal, Nicaragua and moved to the United States in 1983. She is a massage therapist in Napa, California and has a 26-year-old son.

"Thank God for the vision and passion of the board of directors of Clinica Verde – and what a blessing for the rural Nicaraguan people of Boaco. I strongly support Clinica Verde not only as a Nicaraguan, but also as a concerned citizen of this world. This project is very close to my heart. It addresses two very important issues: health and the environment. I believe they go hand in hand. This clinic will not only help heal people, but also help heal our planet. It will not only provide healthcare and education, it will also bring a great deal of hope and restore the dignity many have lost. It is a powerful example to many countries that are now struggling to provide healthcare for its people.

"Clinica Verde was the vision of one woman whose only interest was to help heal the human suffering of as many people as she could in the world. Let's follow this passion without thought to borders and help bring to completion this great vision."

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Calling All Type A Personalities!
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Did you know that you can become an independent fund-raiser for Clinica Verde? Give Forward makes it easy for people on the grassroots level to start their own fund-raising campaign for projects they care about. That, our friends, means you can take things into your own hands. Just go to Give Forward, sign up for a free account, and start your own fund-raiser. Reach out to friends and family all over the world. Start a campaign to raise $1000 towards Clinica Verde construction – and have your name included in the finished building as those who made the clinic possible.

Put your compassion to work and rally your friends!

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Clínica Verde Board of Directors
Susan Dix Lyons, Chair
Peter Stanley, Vice-Chair
Dennis de Vreede, Treasurer
Dr. Mary Huber, Secretary
Bill Bylund
Cristiana Chamorro
Dr. Elquis Castillo
Donald E. Farrar
Margarita Gurdian
Pavi Micheli Lawson
Dr. Ramiro Lopez
Dr. Tim Lyons
Rafael Rios

Advisor Emeritus
Kenneth B. Weeman, Jr.

Dr. Robert Moore
Dr. Gabriela Bermudez
Andrew Bylund
Megan Gavin
Dick Grace
Matt Holtman
Gary Jenanyan
Michelle Lee
Kate Pett
Simon Sadler, Ph.D.
Dr. Armando Incer
Johnny Sordo

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Clínica Verde is a registered 501(c)(3) charitable organization. Our federal tax ID # is 26-0275981
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