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Tues. Oct. 4th @ 6:00pm @ NedSpace Downtown (920 SW 3rd)

Backpocket COO - How To Double Your Revenues & Profits In 3 Years Or Less
A Keynote by Author & Former COO of 1-800-GOT-JUNK Cameron Herold

Join us for an evening of education and interaction around the critical topic of the Backpocket COO - How To Double Your Revenues & Profits In 3 Years Or Less. We will be led through a discussion by one of the most well respected and motivating speakers on the West Coast and the originator of the Backpocket COO, Cameron Herold.

Cameron will help us understand that even as a start up there are a series of hurdles we will face and milestones we will likely miss through lack of appropriate, effective and constantly improving operations. He will help us in learning how a lack of operational efficacy is one of the primary reasons that start ups don't experience the growth and success they otherwise could. He will help us know for certain that operations impact finances, marketing, sales, customer experience and valuation. He will make us know that, "poor ops are not an option".

Many start ups don't take on a COO or VP of Operations until it is often to simply clean up the mess made or to finally appease their teams' or investors' interest in greater operational oversight and consistency. Cameron will help us understand how by taking on his Backpocket COO approach to your start up you can change this for your future today. If you are one of the following, then this event is for you:

A start up company experiencing hyper growth
A start up starting to or wanting to franchise
A start up preparing for a big jump financially in the coming year or quarter
A start up trying to unclog busy areas such as finance, IT and marketing
An entrepreneur who is trying to get all their business areas aligned

This event is open to the public and as always these events are free and dinner will be provided. The first 75 people at the event will get a free signed copy of Cameron's new book. We will start the event at 6:00pm with food and networking and then the educational portion will begin at 6:30pm.

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