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Volume 1, Number 2

  • Urchin Documentation Center Now Live! The all-new, totally revamped Urchin Documentation Center is now up-and-running. The system features far better organization, true FAQs, PDF manuals, and a wealth of new documentation. Have a look at
  • Mac OS X Point-and-Click Installer Now Available -- Download now.
  • Urchin 4 Now Integrated with Ensim Webppliance for Windows -- Ensim customers who wish to integrate Urchin 4 can now download Webppliance for Windows 3.2 and the 3.2.1 patch to enable Urchin 4 here.
  • Urchin 4 Now Integrated with Positive Software's H-Sphere. An unlicensed copy of Urchin 4 is now integrated into H-Sphere. Psoft customers who wish to integrate Urchin 4 can now download H-Sphere to enable Urchin 4 here.
  • NASA Chooses Urchin. The National Aeronautics and Space Administration selects Urchin for the site; credit for the deal goes to our valued VAR eTouch.
  • Qualcomm Chooses Urchin. Telecommunications and software leader Qualcomm has selected Urchin for its web analytics needs.
  • Lindows Chooses Urchin. Innovative Linux-with-Windows-compatibility pioneer selects Urchin.

Tip: Filter out spiders or robots
Urchin's Administration Interface allows you to set up log filters that take effect as data is read, thus completely preventing unwanted data from getting in your reports. To filter out Googlebot, for example, log-in to your Urchin system as an administrator, go to Configuration -> Urchin Profiles -> Filter Manager and click Add to start the Filter Wizard. The Filter should be an Exclude Pattern type filtering the text "Googlebot" (no quotes, with capital G), filtering on the user-agent field. It's best to apply this filter to a duplicate of the main Profile for your site so you can compare results with the all-inclusive original Profile.
Here is a handy list of robots and spiders.

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Tip: Reporting on Overture (or other) Cost-Per-Click Campaigns

It's easy to set up Urchin to create a special report just for your CPC campaign(s). To do it, create a new Profile, apply a couple of filters and voilá, you've got search term reporting. Read the how-to article.

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Fact: ASP Solutions Have Fatal Flaws

Outsourced web analytics services tout themselves as the future of the industry, but we all know better. Here are some significant flaws with the ASP analytics approach:

  • They own your data
  • They are generally much more expensive -- often thousands of dollars per month
  • Their reports lack information on hits (believe it or not), images, bytes transferred, and almost all non-HTML file types
  • They cannot report on visitors that have 3rd-party cookies turned off -- this could be up to 10% of your site's traffic (ouch!)
  • You MUST install their javascript on every page you want reporting for -- not so with Urchin
  • The 3rd-party cookies they use set off security warnings in some browsers
  • The 1-pixel images they must load comes from their servers, and thus can significantly delay page loading
  • Some ASPs sell your data to 3rd parties(!)

Software sometimes takes slightly longer to get up and running, but the benefits will clearly outweigh that small negative for most businesses. Take the Urchin Tour.

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